Why are there so many colors of Labrador Puppies? - By: Alex Coy

Labrador puppy dogs are amongst the most famous breeds and also the most opted to by dog lovers. Most people are from the view that Labradors tend to be Labradors, they don’t realize that this breed of dog will come in different shades, including black, yellow or brown. If you would like your Labrador to go in a competition under the American Kennel Club, only the previously discussed colors are thought. Any colors apart from these are unacceptable, as according to them each breed of dog has certain set profiles and colours, and there is no scope for versatility.

However, this does not suggest that Labrador puppy dogs are not obtainable in other colors; in fact standard black or perhaps odd brindle is also common, although not appropriate through the American Kennel Club. You might like to know why there are so many shades of Labrador puppy dogs. Each dog breeds have 2 separate kind of genes present in their bodies, the recessive and also the dominant types. It is on the basis of these types of genes that the color of the puppy is dependent. Black is actually the more powerful color, as you mostly see black color Labrador puppies than in other colors.

As mentioned previously apart from this black color gene, there are also the yellow hued gene and the chocolate colored gene. A Labrador puppy dog gets 50% of their shade genes from each of its parent dog. If a breeder puts genuine black Labrador along with another genuine black Labrador, all the puppies will be black. This is because the puppy dogs obtain share of color genes from both parents and while there is no other color genes present in both parents, the puppies will all be black. If one from the earlier mentioned black Labrador is combined with a chocolate brown Labrador then there are probabilities that a few of the puppy dogs may be chocolate brown in color.

There is more to know about the colors of Labrador puppies. Try and gain understanding of the genetics as well as gene shade pools regarding dogs and you will be able to comprehend things far better. In fact this is a quite interesting topic to undergo. Nonetheless, if you are planning to buy a Labrador puppy simply for aesthetic factors, then shade should not be that vital that you you. Additionally aside from shades there are lots of other important things that you need to think about while bringing home a Labrador puppy dog, which includes its breeder, health background from the parent dogs and the way the puppy reacts in presence of some other puppy dogs.

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