Data Recovery Costs - By: Jessica Moorhill

Everyone knows that hard drives are expensive, but did you know recovering data from them is just as costly? Sure, you'd say, the data's much more valuable than the hardware, but that's not the only reason why data recovery costs are so high. Here are some prices that you'd inevitably have to pay while recovering data,
? Data recovery software is the way to go if you are aware that your hard disk could crash or you suspect a bug in your system. Buying an original version can cost anything in the range of $40 to $150. Although they are great for recovering lost data, they won't actually help in the case of physical damage.
? For physical damage to your drive, you need to get it to a data recovery professional, which will probably cost you around $200. The prices can sky-rocket for this kind of recovery because technicians have to get parts from new hard disks as no company sells spares for their products.
? Another way you can be charged for data recovery is according to the data you want to recover. For eg; a 320 GB hard disk will cost less to recover than a 500 GB one. Costs vary according to vendor.
? Some data recovery firms refuse to provide details of the cost but give you an estimate first. Costs affecting the prices of data recovery from such firms range from the amount of data to be recovered and the time limit they have to work under.
? You should also keep in mind that you can be charged upto $40 for shipping charges.
But, as you said earlier, it's all worth it if those data recovery guys get back all your data for you!

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