Why you shouldn't try Data Recovery DIY - By: Jessica Moorhill

The hard disk is a very complicated piece of machinery. Attempting data recovery on a failed disk can be compared to Mountain Dew's Cheetah ad where this guy pulls a can of Dew out of the Cheetah's mouth. It may look easy, but you can lose all you have!
Here a few things you should never do while recovering data,
Try Partitioning
Even though disk repair software sounds cool and is relatively easy to use, you should keep in mind that using it means running a risk of losing your data forever. This happens because a majority of these softwares write to the disk, overwriting your valuable data.
Reformatting the failed disk makes data recovery very difficult because reformatting means overwriting the master boot record.
Open the Hard Drive
I can't put enough stress on this point even if I use up all the words in the English language! Opening a hard drive outside of a clean room is inviting trouble for yourself. It only takes a speck of dust to land on your platter to make data recovery impossible, not mentioning that it could render your drive completely useless! Even if you're inside a clean room, you shouldn't even take the drive out of its case if you're not trained.
There are a lot of other things which you shouldn't do with your hard drive unless you're ready to lose all your data. For eg; Freezing it or hitting it. It only damages the disk further and makes data recovery impossible if it doesn't work the first time.

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