Top UK Holiday Destinations For 2011 - By: Cara Brownethorpe

The British summertime is fast approaching and as a result many families in the UK are planning their summer holiday.  In 2009, British tourism saw many families choosing to go on holiday at home rather than abroad.  This quickly became known as the 'staycation'.  The British tourism industry reported that there was an increase in visitors to UK seaside resorts despite the economic downturn.  The 'staycation' started initially with many people staying at home and travelling to local tourist attractions and beaches but this eventually spread out to a range of different accommodation.

Visiting a nearby city or town for a short weekend break became popular with increased bookings at hotels and apartments.  Many young couples and groups tended to take breaks in cities like Bristol so they could enjoy the nightlife, restaurants and shopping on offer.  Plenty of Bristol hotels are available to meet the needs of these groups but many UK families want a more rural location for their holiday.

There were two family accommodation trends that became obvious in 2009 and this is mainly a case of budget.  Owners of caravans and mobile homes often stayed in caravan parks and campsites in the South of England.  People that wanted something a bit more comfortable and had more expendable income decided to rent holiday cottages.

Counties in the south of England like Cornwall, Hampshire and Devon are among the more popular locations for people renting self catering holiday cottages.  This is likely to be down to the wealth of local attractions in these regions.  Hampshire has the New Forest, Devon has Exeter and Dartmouth, while Cornwall has become known as the surfers paradise.

Many of the popular holiday cottage rental agents reported that last year holiday cottages in Cornwall saw a dramatic increase in the number of rented properties.  This is likely to be because places like Newquay receive regular young visitors each year after the end of GCSE and A level exams.  This area of Cornwall has become well known for catering for young people looking to let off some steam after years of studying.

Another destination that is very popular is the New Forest in Hampshire.  It is thought that holiday cottages in the New Forest saw an increase in families visiting the area.  This is likely to be down to the wildlife found in the New Forest and the number of healthy activities for children young and old to take part in.  The New Forest is also well positioned allowing trips to nearby towns, cities and places of interest.  The medieval city of Salisbury is nearby as well as Bournemouth with it's beautiful beaches.
Looking at all the signs it would appear that UK tourism will have another successful year in 2011.  Many people are still preferring to put off traveling abroad especially with the threat of strike action from airline staff and many people simply can't afford it as the UK economy is still recovering from the economic down turn.  So once again the 'staycation' could reign supreme in the UK throughout 2011 but only time will tell.

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