Ladakh - not just another destination - By: Sara Hasan

Ladakh is the most beautiful place in India. Leh is the capital of Ladakh. It is near the region of Jammu and Kashmir a state in northern part of India between the two highest mountains the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram. Ladakh is also known as Land of Passes for several years. Ladakh was exposed by Fa-hian, who traveled athwart its unfriendly terrain in 399 A.D., as the land where snow never melts and only corn ripens. It has the largest district of the country of India in terms of area.

Ladakh is based on a high altitude so the temperature always decreased. Due to its extreme weather the landscape is covered with Snow Mountains and frozen river. So it is also called as The Coldest Desert in the World.

In this extreme environment you would hardly see any evidence of wildlife. But you will see more species of goat and sheep living here, than anywhere else on earth. Other than Sheep and goat there are few more animal who are found in such cold region as Yak, Nyan and Urial.

It is the best place for trekking as it is surrounded by mountains. It gives a thrilling and pleasurable experience. The trekking places are Chadar Ice trek, Indus Valley trek, The Rupshu and Manali Ladakh trek are few names which are suggested to visit for trekking. Apart from trekking some places like Kargil, Suru Valley and Sankoo are worth to stand and look around.

Ladakh also have some pilgrimage which tourist prefer to stopover like Zanskar, Padum, Stongdey and Zangla. Rich ethnicity of Mahayana Buddhism still thrives in the purest form in this region, which has often been referred to as Little Tibet. It has two monasteries which are Hemis Gompa and Namgyal Tsemo Gompa. The monasteries in Ladakh are either of the Mahayana or the Hinayana sect of Buddhism. They give the region its unique aroma and beauty. Most of the gompas are built so that they perch perilously on lone rocks.

A festival which is celebrated the most in Ladakh is the annual Thiksey Festival at Thiksey Gompa. You will get a glance of the tiger and Tololing peaks which are famous during the Kargil War. Also you may get a chance to dive into Chumathang at hot spring. It is a hot water spring in the middle of freezing Sindhu River. A classic Spartan festival takes place in Ladakh.

People who live adventure will just fall in love with Ladakh. Jeep Safari in Ladakh - the driving experience on the road of Ladakh will be memorable. Mountain climbing- Mountain Climbing at Zanskar Range and Karakoram Range will be an experience as they are the highest peaks in asia. Mountaineering- it is the world's most Adventurous sport which is full of challenges. This is the best place for mountaineering as it has number of peaks.

Ladakh a landscape of beauty and adventure is a dream place for one to visit for refreshment.

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