Why Install Numerous Machines For SharePoint Training When CloudShare's Virtual Lab Will Save the Hassle? - By: JackJ Reynolds

Do you instruct over the web, or maybe you don't, and therefore you must cope with arranging equipment and software for use in your sessions at your trainees premises.

You are possibly, provisioning and additionally configuring servers and producing VM's from scratch, or even more annoying having to deal with installations on your customer's premises. Most likely you also have to rewrite software applications and work with VMware on laptop computers.

So, do you wish to make your life less demanding and invest the extra time engaging in more valuable or enjoyable activities? There is a chance you would be making time for just this if you use CloudShare. CloudShare is a truly on-demand, virtual, in-the-cloud training device which is intended for SharePoint trainers exactly like you. The CloudShare product lets you upload any sort of business application to the cloud and makes it possible to share it. Sharing with CloudShare is instant and on-demand and you can offer the ability to access the server to as many students as you like. You don't have to deal with physical machines, updating and paying for licenses, installations, configurations along with coding.

A trouble-free alternative

Using CloudShare ProPlus to teach your students you won't just cut back hours of set up time but your students training experience will never have been better. The CloudShare solution equips the trainer with on-demand virtual machines and each of these machines are preinstalled with operating systems and software applications. Just work with the drag and drop environment to build the machine exactly to your training requirements. Absolutely no previous virtual server working experience or skill is required. This product was developed for trainers exactly like you.

CloudShare: On-demand, swift collaboration

By using CloudShare you will have the advantage of a totally functional, hands-on copy of complex software in the cloud. CloudShare makes it possible to instantly provide snapshots and then share unlimited duplicates of the cloud environment you have built. Since these environments are in the cloud they may be reached from anywhere therefore you or the trainees have the ability to update and even reconfigure everything and this action will not change the original prototype.

Easy monthly payment system

CloudShare helps you reduce your expenses and increase the satisfaction of our trainees. You can supply your trainees with a limitless use of the environment for a low monthly rate of $49.

The following is an outline of the items that are included in CloudShare ProPlus:
- Storage, networking, bandwidth, Central processing unit usage
- Up to half a dozen virtual machines, editable RAM as well as disk space
- A collection of fully-licensed, preinstalled operating systems and software, SharePoint 2010 being just one of these items
- Flat, transparent, pricing
- The ability for the trainees to maintain their own area for weeks during and after they have completed the training course so that they can practice and experiment with what you have taught them

CloudShare: The best trainee experience

Your students can have total access to their own individual hands-on version of the environment you have used. They will be able to edit and save their own work. And all they require is a web browser. Your CloudShare ProPlus virtual lab is very simple to implement featuring drag-and-drop functionality.

If you are a SharePoint training and you want to minimize your costs plus raise your effectiveness then CloudShare ProPlus certainly is the solution suitable for you. By using CloudShare you will appear a lot more professional and certainly your students are going to be even more satisfied.

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