Use E-mail Marketing For Increasing Blog Audience Size. - By: Jimmy Duffy

Within the last three years or so it has come to be well understood that developing a blog for your company is actually a powerful way to establish connections that convert prospective customers into clients, and clients into dependable supporters of your business.

But when you're getting started with a business blog, it will commonly feel as if you are publishing posts that no one will ever find.

Most of us have had the experience before - we spend a few hours assembling some really good info just for it to collect online dust on your blog.

So, just how can marketing with email enable you to overcome this challenge.

Well one of the biggest situations you face once you begin blogging is that you get no repeat visitors.

Individuals can randomly discover a post you have published, however it is only when they continue to come back many times you will form a loyal readership.

Marketing with email helps eliminate this problem.

Your initial job will be to gain the e-mail address the very first time a person finds your blog.

You do this by offering some kind of bonus - a price reduction or giveaway - in return for their email address.

Then once you have their details you make sure it is part of your system that every time you write a blog post, you instantly send out an email to your email list telling them that you have some new content on your blog that they can look at.

It's also wise to make use of your email signature.

The best way to do this is simply by suggesting they follow you on Facebook or twitter.

Once again, anytime you've got something new to talk about on your blog site, send off notifications to those social networking websites.

An advantage of these sites is that you can link all of them in with your site such that they will be refreshed immediately without you needing to do anything.

So you write a post, and the Twitter and Facebook accounts get kept up to date on autopilot, letting your followers know about the brand new article.

Over time while you build your database, and also the social media followers, the blog will flourish and develop into an effective marketing tool for your business.

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