The Product Style Affiliate Wordpress Plugin - Reviewed For Affiliate Online Marketers - By: Paul Kemp

It appears the drop of the global economic climate has caused an explosion of affiliate marketers on the online marketing scene. The availability of tools and methods for affiliate marketers truly has never been better. It's likely that you are unaware of Ryan Stevenson who's responsible for delivering The Product Style Affiliate Wordpress Plugin. Since the mid 1990s, Ryan continues to be doing rather well as an affiliate, product developer and Amazon Associate where he has incredible experience and understanding. There is basically too much to include in this review, but we will offer a glimpse into what exists for you.

Ryan designed this plugin to do the job properly with Wordpress blogs from 2.7 to the latest version. Certainly Ryan has continued to update his plugin, so no problems about forward compatibility using upcoming Wordpress releases. Working with the Product Style plugin will not be a headache as Ryan has created an in depth end user instructional file for you. Ryan gives detailed instructions available in PDF format in addition to making them available on the Product Style Plugin website in the "Plugin Features" section.

The singular focus with this plugin is to boost conversion rates, and that's all it is meant to accomplish. Ryan's expertise with optimizing for conversions plus his comprehensive experience offer a lot of confidence. What you could be most excited about is knowing you will be in control over precisely how your ads are made. You will want having the capability to make ads with all inserted codes for Commission Junction, Clickbank and even Amazon ads. Designing and developing your HTML ads is achieved using the Admin Section of the plugin's user interface. Ryan knows from years of practical experience that good results with ads for affiliate marketing is affected by having the power to exercise overall control of ad layout elements.

Custom designing your ads is easy making use of the Admin interface section where you input all your ad specs. For example, you can adjust ad configuration settings, different categories for your products and all appropriate product fields observable for display. You will have command over which countries your ads will surface, and that is something you don't see often. Some reputable online marketers have talked about how much can be made with foreign market segments, and that is primarily applicable to Amazon marketing. You will be able to exercise total control over your advertising campaigns in foreign markets. However, this specific function relating to other countries is geared for Amazon Associates, only.

The entire range of ad design elements include use of visuals, of course, and also multiple ad box border measurements, widths and colors. Next there are colors for the background in your advertisement boxes that can be altered as you see fit. If you are an affiliate for Amazon, then if you apply Enhanced Amazon ads there are customization capabilities offered, as well. Therefore if you decide to run Amazon Enhanced advertisements, then you are able to do even more with them on your website.

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