Your Royal Wedding Celebrations - By: Cara Brownethorpe

The Royal Wedding day is swiftly approaching on 29th April. For many people, they will be in a position to delight in an unexpected Bank holiday day off. Wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton is definitely the celebration of the year and as important as the wedding ceremony of Price Charles to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. The service will be carried out at Westminster Abbey by the Archbishop of Cantebury.

Just how are you going to celebrate the big day? There will be street parties everywhere with bunting, tressle tables, and red, white and blue all over the place. It is a opportunity for people to get together and have a good time. It's also the chance to meet up with neighbours you rarely see and even those you don't know.

If you have little children, you can get out the face paints and decorate them with the Union Jack. For food,red jelly with icecream will certainly be a hit with them. You could also make some fairy cakes in advance and decorate them with red, white and blue icing.

For something more civilised, why not order a celebratory Royal Weddding hamper and find a pleasant location to have a picnic. Perhaps a spot of celebratory champagne is called for too....

The Royal Marriage starts at 11am and coverage will be extensive. BBC1, ITV, Channel 5, Sky News and CNN will all be covering the event as will main radio stations. You'll also have special programs in the days after the event.

It's not just people in the UK that will be celebrating. It's also the perfect opportunity for a lot of ex-pats to get together and have a good time. The British Club in Singapore is probably having the biggest celebrations with ten days of activities planned, including a high tea and an Ascot themed ladies night.

There are lots of pieces of memorabilia you can purchase to use on the day and preserve as a souvenir. Plenty of china cups and plates are available and there are special flags too. Items that are suitable just for the day include paper cups and plates, serviettes, and balloons. There are also some quirky royal themed items such as Pieminister Kate and Wills pork pie, tea bag holders, dog t-shirts, and even a pair of garden gnomes in wedding attire and some sick bags!

Whatever you finish up doing on 29th April, it's guaranteed to be a day to remember for many years to come.

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