There is an Solution to Getting rid of Fierce Acne - By: Angela Faye Smithers

It's difficult for many of us to identify with teens and adults that suffer from very acute acne. For those suffering with severe acne over the counter medications such as Clearasil won't put a dent in the problem. These products may work for the average outbreak but will make any noticeable improvement when a person is suffering from a severe acne condition.
Acne can have a very negative impact on a teen's self esteem and mental well being. Teens that have had successful acne blemish treatment display a more assured attitude. Dermatologists report an appreciable difference in the attitude of the patient once their blemishes are under control. Having bad acne can negatively affect your mood and your lifestyle.
Acne is made up of different varieties of blemishes. The most typical ones include comedonal (aka whiteheads and blackheads), cycstic ( deep rooted nodules) and papulopustular (inflamed bumps and pustules). Many patients seeking treatment from dermatologist have a composite of varieties.
Luckily, there are more dynamic treatments available now including hormones, antibiotics, retinoid medications, light therapy, and acne laser treatment. If acne is severe enough before getting proper treatment, acne scarring may also result. Acne scar removal laser treatment has been found to be the answer to acne scarring.
If the acne you are experiencing is not improving whatsoever after trying over the counter medications, ask your general doctor to recommend a dermatologist. A visit to the dermatologist will be the first step to getting rid of severe acne. A dermatologist will be able to best analyze your skin a recommend a regimen to fight the acne. Most patients will follow a combination of topical retinoids and antibiotics. If this does not result in improvement, then oral antibiotics are often prescribed. Females with acne sometimes respond positively to birth control pills.
If these attempts have failed to result in a noticeable improvement or if the medication's side effects are troubling you, laser acne treatment may be the answer. This is something your doctor will have to decide depending on the type of acne you have and the skin type you have.

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