XO Communications Does It Better - By: Gerardo Burns

AH the wonders of enterprise hosting! Enterprise hosting will forever be a good business since all industries in the world need it for their operations to be smooth and secure. One such solution provider is XO Communications.

XO Communications has got the XO Colo which translated simply means a cloud of collocation master solution provider where your computer network can easily transmit FTP and HTTP files from one location to another….say your main is in Alaska and you've got a branch somewhere in the Carribean.

And with the various T1 pricing available which is of course dependent on the speed and the features, there's the OC3 as well as the T3, you can always have choices. The services of XO Communications is tailor-fit to suit on how big your business is.

That's not belying the fact though that 50 percent of the customers of XO Colo are Fortune 500 companies. Yet they also cater to small-scale businesses as well. Some of the other products they offer are point to point T1, DS3, PRI, MPLS, MPLS Network, MPLS VPN, frame relay wan, gigaman, MPLS IP VPN, MPLS internet, MPLS private network services, MPLS service, MPLS services, MPLS VPLS, Opteman and point to point wan, among others.

Again, we'd like to emphasize that the services they offer are dependent on your business's need, size, industry and category. Other services we offer include dedicated internet access, private line, Ethernet, wavelength, MPLS IP-VPN, collocation/data center, IP flex with VPN and broadband wireless.

XO Communications is proud to state that they've got worldwide coverage as the master solution provider offering not just Internet solutions but cheap business phone service as well. XO Colo has exposure in 23 continents and since they rely on T1 technology, the price of the MPLS service you avail in the United States is the same one that you avail in Europe. Their MPLS IP-VPN has up to 10 Gbps speed. Now that really is amazing.

Some of its latest customers are Wine.com, St. Louis University, RideNow Powersports, among others. See…these customers are wide in range but they have one thing in common – they simply trust XO Communications and XO Colo.

Other services they have include fiber, last mile copper and broadband wireless. Last mile copper is particularly important because it simply our services will reach even rural locations. That's how we value our customers in this business. So trust XO Communications.

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