Lifting your Lawn Mower - By: Stan Cristian

When it comes to lawn mower maintenance, there is one piece of equipment that is essential to ensure your safety, and that is the mower lift. This rings especially true when it comes to riding mowers as they are rather large and quite heavy. By using a lawn mower lift, you can secure your lawn mower and work on it safely without having to worry about the jack slipping. By using a lift, you can easily access the underside of the mower so that you can change blades or even change out belts if you need to in a safe manner.

You will also find that by using a jack or other type of lifting device, you are only picking up one side of the mower. By doing this, you can actually damage your lawn mower by having engine oil flood your carburetor or having gasoline spill into your oil, causing your engine to run badly. Fixing something like this can end up costing you more money than you would want to pay and there is a good chance that it would end up being cheaper to purchase the lift in the first place.

While there are occasions when you can use a jack or jack stand to work on a riding lawn mower, such as changing out a tire or replacing a deck pulley, having a lift to do all the major work will make things much easier on you. When everything is considered, having a mower lift is a practicality that should not go unheeded. Every mower repair shop will have some kind of lift that will secure the mower and lift it evenly off the ground to make it easier to work on. If you are thinking of opening a repair shop, or you already work at one, then having a mower lift is essential.

There are plenty of different types of lifts available, and you will have to do some research on which ones would be best for you and your needs. You can have pneumatic and manual lifts and even lifts that can collapse for easier storage as some repair shops don't have quite as much space as they would like to have to work on lawn mowers for customers.

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