While the Seasons Change , Home Health Care Does Not - By: Oscar Platikus

Home health care services are of extreme importance in a day and age where nearly 13% of Americans are elderly . According to the 2010 census, the U.S. population will be older than it is now in the future, with the average age being driven up by the Baby Boom. With an aging population come increased health issues across the board, as well as a heightened need for daily care and supervision:

"This rapid growth of the older population may present challenges in the next two decades," said Victoria Velkoff, assistant chief for estimates and projections for the Census Bureau's Population Division. "It's also noteworthy that those 85 and older - who often require additional care giving and support - would increase from about 14 percent of the older population today to 21 percent in 2050."

More and more individuals have a need for home health care and day-to-day support to live. Despite the increased demand for such services , budget cuts throughout the U.S. threaten to decrease the number of home health care services for the elderly, disabled, and poor.

One example of this situation is in Texas, where many citizens who previously would have been served by home health care services now fear budget cuts will send them to nursing homes : "The jobs barely pay more than minimum wage, but the state budget plans to cut reimbursement by $1 an hour. Some providers said it will run them out of the business," says Dallas local news source WFAA.com.

In Texas, around 200,000 people rely on state funded home health aides to administer daily services and the existing budget asks to reduce home health care services funding by $9 billion. In Nevada, the situation is strikingly similar where proposed Medicaid cuts to home health services would cause closures or layoffs. ?

In Minnesota, cuts would also affect the disabled and seniors by decreasing spending , eliminate MinnesotaCare health care for 7,200 working adults and ask the federal government for permission to cut the Medicaid health plan for those deemed to be living in poverty.

The proposed cuts around the U.S. have sparked debate, rallied protestors, and encouraged activists to speak up on the importance of these services .

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