Motorola cell phones review of Droid X - By: Pankaj Modi

Motorola cell phones review of Motorola Droid X says that this phone has a huge 4.3 inch touch screen which dominates the surface of the phone. Bigger display gives you bigger resolution and you get a lot of real estate to work on. Phones having such huge displays are quite rare and hence gadget freaks will certainly drool on it. The screen is capacitive and hence you don't really need stylus. The display is user friend and the experience is similar to what you get on the iPhone.

Motorola cell phones review of Droid X says that the device is running the updated version of Moto Blur and hence the experience is a bit different from previous phones from this company. There are a few changes done and the new layout seems good. Below the display, there are 4 physical buttons and the manufacturer should be thanked for this. These keys will certainly come in handy as it will prevent you the trouble of digging inside the mobile phone menus every time. There are mobile phones which come with touch sensitive buttons but we like the hard buttons more since they give a good satisfying click when pressed. The four buttons on the phone are search, menu, back and home.
Motorola cell phones features of Droid X say that the phone has microSD card slot and HDMI jack on the sides. Cell phone reviews appreciate the gadget when the card slot is located on the sides since it becomes easier to switch the memory cards.

Nokia cell phones review of Nokia 1662 says that this phone is a very down to earth device and is made just for calling other people. The handset is pretty simple in terms of both style and functionality. It is 108mm by 45mm and about 13mm thick. The weight of the phone is 82 grams and cell phone reviews say that this gadget isn't really heavy. It is recommended to people who just want to make phone calls and maybe send occasional text messages.

A cool thing about the keyboard is that it is dust resistant so you don't have to worry about any dust going inside.

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