Why Retire to Spain? - By: David Greth

Why should you consider retiring in Spain? If you plan to retire to a country that offers all of the modern touches but still provides you with plenty of reasons to dive into the culture, this country is an ideal choice for you. The country is modern, with all of the latest technological advances and medical provisions. You will also find that if you are from the UK, Spain is just a short flight from home, making it an easy foreign country to get into. Even for those from the US, retiring to Spain is enjoyable making it one of the most popular overseas retirement destinations.

One reason to retire in Spain is the weather. While the seasons do change here, you will enjoy most of them. In fact, you can easily enjoy a cup of Spanish coffee in your garden nearly all year long. Spain weather is enjoyable most of the time. Most southern Spanish homes do not feature heating units because temperatures remain high enough to avoid the need for them, which also makes it more affordable! As more expatriates move here to find a better lifestyle Spanish retirement homes and communities modeled after those found in America have started to spring up, making it an even more inviting destination.
There are many other reasons to consider living here. For example, the landscape is very beautiful. There is every modern amenity you may be interested in, but you will still find that around the next corner is a perfectly suitable location for tranquility. In terms of cost, when you retire in Spain, the cost of living is more affordable than in the United States or United Kingdom, but higher than more rural countries. Compared to other European countries such as France, Switzerland or Italy, Spain continues to be affordable.
There is so much more to look forward to if you are considering moving to Spain. For example, moving to Spain is not as difficult as you may think, and finding great part time jobs in Spain to enjoy is possible as well. You will love the Spanish food , and it is recommended that you enjoy the cultural menu of cuisine as it's full of flavors you'll fall in love with.
These are just a few reasons to consider Spain as one of the best places to retire to. With outstanding cultural heritage everywhere you look and people who want to welcome you into their homes, Spain has something to offer for just about everyone involved!

While many people think of Spain weather as the perfect climate to spend every day on the beach soaking up the sun, it is not always as perfect as the sugar coated images that we may have cooked up in our minds. Nevertheless, you will not have to worry about turning up the heat either, especially in the south. Much of the country is in a warmer region that is both comfortable and inviting. Depending on the type of lifestyle you wish to live, many find that the weather here is relaxing, enjoyable and a good option nearly all year long.

The Spanish Climate gets very Hot in the Summer
In the summer months, the weather is going to be at its best. Temperatures will be warm in the 80 to 90 degree range. Humidity is not always that high and that makes for a great weather outlook. The southern portions of Spain see the best summer time temperatures and weather overall. Most of the rest of the country will have a more moderate temperature, though still very comfortable. The hottest months here are July and August, and they can reach high 90's in temperature, especially in the south, which may be unpleasant for some.

spain food has to be one of the main reasons to retire to the country! As you will see, what many consider Spanish food (or Mexican food in the US) is not the same as the traditional meals found here. In fact, you are much more likely to enjoy a rich, full of flavor, and less spicy meal here than you would if you visited Mexico or other Latin American countries, though many people confuse the cultures.
Typical Spanish Coffee and Tea
One of the foundations of Spanish food is coffee and tea. You'll find a number of options available to you here. Cafe solo is an espresso drink, which is considered the regular type of coffee here. If you want a more America version, order a Cafe solo con agua caliente, though you may get made fun of! Cafe con leches is a coffee with milk. Tea can be ordered in most coffee shops as well. Try the negro which is black tea and the most common type.
Delicious Spanish Foods to Try

As far as Spain food options go, you will find many tasty dishes to consider. There are many meals that are very locally popular. For example, buy cochinillo asado in Segovia. This is a roast baby pig with a fatty outside to it but a very tender inside.
Other well-known and more unique dishes to try include pulpo a la Gallega, which is octopus from the region of Galician. Garlic prawns are common and called Gambas Ajillo. You may also want to try Paella which is a true Spanish rice. Gazpacho is another national food which is a cold served soup made from tomatoes and other vegetables.
With all Spain food, you will need a nice glass of wine to follow it down. The good news is that there are many outstanding options available to you here. For the best wine choices, be sure to drink locally grown blends for their fruity flavor.
The food in Spain is delicious and affordable. Perhaps the only other thing that you must know about it is that it is often shared with the entire family. Meals are important parts of the lifestyle here. You can expect a big meal in the middle of the day where people actually come home from work to enjoy before heading back out to enjoy the rest of the day!
Tripping along on a tavern and tapas crawl. The most inescapable element of Spanish cooking is tapas, small snacks now popular the world over. A tapeo is the food equivalent of an Irish pub crawl - a bar-to-bar treasure hunt, searching for and wolfing down finger foods that range from the endearingly simple, such as a wedge of tortilla omelet, to the piled-high pintxos in the Basque Country. You'll see Spaniards at their most festive and famished when they're out grazing.

Los Pandos

The project of Los Pandos covers an area of 5000 hectares in the locality of Almansa in the Albacete province.

Part of the larger region of Castilla la Mancha, Los Pandos, is within just one hour's drive of the airports of Alicante, Murcia and Valencia. Each also boasts a sea port with Valencia's being the second largest logistical port in Spain.

There are train links from all three to Madrid and Almansa is also well connected by road with motorway links to all major towns and cities. Although present infrastructure is more than adequate for the development of Los Pandos, a high speed rail network - the AVE - is already underway.

The central hub of the new rail connection, due for completion in the coming months, will be in Almansa. This superior transportation network will make Los Pandos one of the most important strategic and logistic platforms in Southern Europe.

As the vineyard is undoubtedly the focal point of Los Pandos, initial investment and development is being directed into that area. Extensive studies have been undertaken and are ongoing, reformation of the existing farmhouse and other buildings will allow for the state of the art and experimanetal bodegas. Brands are in development and marketing strategies in place for taking Los Pandos vineyard firmly into the 21st century and creating a high quality, yet profitable wine business.

As the project moves forward, plans for the development of eco-villages, leisiure facilities, technical and industrial zones, state of the Art sports facilities - all utilising the latest in sustainable development techniques - will come to fruition.

So come with us on our journey of discovery, in building what we think will be the benchmark for sustainable living for centuries to come.

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