Ellagic Acid and It's Effect on Your Health - By: John Welsh

Since the 1970s studies have proven that ellagic acid is helpful in preventing cancer, however, there hasn't been much talk about it. The studies that were done found that the ellgaic acid runs through the body seeking out cells that show cancer and basically prohibiting them from becoming full-blown cancer. The studies that were done over the years from the 1970s have proven the same results time and time again. The most notable results found to be in cervical cancer cells, skin cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. All of which are cancers that end the life of many people each and every year.

Ellagic acid can be found in a number of foods, however, the most prominent being in the Meeker Red Raspberry. Other foods like strawberries and walnuts do not seem to do the same amount of damage to cancer cells as the raspberries do. However, it is important to note that all of the studies that have been completed are those that deal with live human cells in the lab, there has been no use of these ellagic acids on a human person that has cancer. But, the results of these preliminary studies are hopeful and they have given many of those in the medical field hope of finding a way to stop cancer in its tracks before it progresses to something more worse.

So if this ellagic acid is so good at preventing cancer from multiplying and becoming a reason for death among those that have these cancer cells, why doesn't more people know about this? That is the main question that people ask. No doctor is going to prescribe something to someone that has not been tested and tried for years. Which is one of the reasons why the use of ellagic acid is not approved yet. However, there are constantly studies that are being performed in labs to ensure that the acid is safe for use, and in time we may see the drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

According to the Hollings Cancer Institute in South Carolina, healthy cells have a normal life cycle of 120 days before they die. This process is called Apoptosis, which is natural cell death. The body replaces these dying cells with healthy ones. Cancer cells do not die, instead they multiply by division, making 2 cancer cells, then 4,8,16,32 and so on. Ellagic acid cases the cancer cells to go through the normal apoptosis process without damaging healthy cells. Until then, more people will undoubtedly start eating more raspberries in hopes that they will decease their risk of having cancer. And with the studies that have been done, this could be a plan that more people should follow with the results that have been rendered.

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