Cellphone Addiction - Good Or Bad - By: CD Mohatta

'Cellphone addiction'- What does this term actually mean? It refers to the people who can't stay away from their phones even for a minute, are constantly seen chatting away to glory to someone or the other, texting or emailing, playing games and who have to face the burden of low batteries and never ending telephone bills at the end of every month. In this article we will talk about cellphone addiction and how good or bad it actually is.

They say too much of anything is not good. Cellphone addiction stands right next in queue to the obsession which people have for drugs, alcohol and cigars. It may not be as dangerous as them, but it definitely makes you pay a price. There was a time, when the purpose of a telephone was to convey important messages. Not many people owned telephones. Today owning a cell phone is held as a necessity. The launching of headsets has significantly increased the number of cellphone addicts who go about talking over their phones, ignoring their location, the time and the people around. As if making calls and sending texts were less addictive, today cell phones come with several features like Internet access, gaming options, engaging applications, cameras, music players and Bluetooth devices. They give people more and more reasons to spend time with their cellphones and eventually turn addicted to the device.

Just like it is said that there is no bad without good, cell phones do possess more utility than ever. There was a time when messages took days or even months to reach people, but today with most people owning a cell phone that they carry along with them, any kind of message can instantly reach a person. When used in the right way, given the right amount of importance, a cellphone can really serve as a man's best friend. If your cellphone addiction is making you miss little things in life like talking to people in person or distracting you from work or studies or isolating you from the outer world, then it is high time you realize your cellphone is turning into your addiction and will turn into your enemy soon.

Call it your best friend or worst enemy, it just won't part ways with you; or maybe no matter what you think about it you just won't let go of it either!

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