How to Regularly Get Targeted Backlinks to Your Site - By: Rob Selaney

Promoting a website through the search engines is not as difficult as it is made out to be. The key is to learn how to build targeted backlinks in addition to using effective on page SEO.

Being consistent when building backlinks is the key point to remember. You need to do everything to gain backlinks on a regular basis, so your website can maintain its rank. Backlink building does involve work and it's not entertaining, but is important.

Guest Blogging: By writing for other blogs, you get traffic, and a high quality backlink, for free. You'll get better backlinks from writing for other blogs. The backlinks are more valuable when your site is linked by a post your write for another reputable blog. Focus on blogs that get high traffic and that have a good relationship with the search engines to make the most of this method. A blog that hasn't been updated in a while is not worth putting the effort in to pursuing. Only go for blogs that are currently active and are seeking guest posts.

Blog Commenting: This popular way for gaining targeted backlinks is utilized by many bloggers and webmasters. All you need to do is find active blogs in your niche and then comment on their latest posts. You gain a backlink even if your comment is short and simple because you'll link to your website. You also get direct traffic when other readers find your comment informative and then check out your website. So it's crucial that you focus on giving away the best comments on the blog.

Use Squidoo/HubPages: Even though there are many sites that allow you to post content and build pages, the best two that you can trust to give you worthy backlinks are Squidoo and HubPages. When you create your own pages on these sites, you can put your text in anchor text and create a valuable backlink.

As this article shows, generating quality backlinks to your site regularly is not too difficult. It does take time before your efforts start showing results and before your site reaches the top spot in the major search engines. But to see real results, you need to take consistent action.

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