Tips For Getting Relevant Backlinks For Your Site - By: Rob Selaney

The key to effective backlinking is knowing where to look and where to put your efforts. All internet marketers know the value of being consistent where backlink creation is concerned. You won't be significantly contributing to your SEO efforts until you carry out the entire backlink gaining procedure on a regular basis. It's important for you to stay on your toes to beat out your competition when it comes to finding new resources for relevant backlinks. So what's the best way to go about link building without losing the quality of your backlinks?

Guest Blogging: Did you know that you can write for other blogs, get traffic and even a high quality backlink? And do all of this for free? You'll notice as you start writing for other blogs, that the backlinks you gain are better than other types. The backlink is more valuable when you write a post for a reputable blog and your site gets linked. Focus on blogs that are high traffic and that have a good relationship with the search engines to make the most out of this method. If you notice that a blog hasn't been updated for a long time, it probably won't be worth the effort going after. Look for active blogs that are seeking guest posts.

Blog Commenting: This is probably the most popular way to gain targeted backlinks, as you find many bloggers and webmasters trying to take advantage of it. Look for blogs that are active in your niche and post comments on their posts. The comment is short and informative but it gives you a backlink because you'll link to your website. When other readers find your comment informative or interesting, then check out your website, you also get more direct traffic. So be sure to leave good comments on other blogs.

Use Squidoo/HubPages: Of the many sites you can use to post content and build pages, these two are among the best for giving you worthy backlinks. You can put your text into anchor text when you use these sites to create your pages which gives you a valuable backlink.

It is really important to gain quality backlinks through various means. By diversifying your efforts, you get more backlinks which should be the goal of any website that wants to rank with the search engines.

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