Cooking Meats with the George Foreman Grill - By: Tom Balzer

Have you ever thought about how some famous people are able to keep their names in the media? There are several ways of doing this. For some people they do not care if their name is associated with positive or negative publicity as long as others are talking about them and recognizing their names. With the constant publicity seekers this can become irritating and this ends up hurting their careers or their chance to make money through endorsements. A recent example of this is Paris Hilton. I have never watched a program with her in it, in fact I do not even know how she came into the limelight, but I do know that I would not rush out to purchase any product that she endorsed. For her the constant negative publicity is making her the butt of jokes.

Other celebrities seem to have a positive image that people trust, so they are willing to spend money on products that the person endorses. A prime example of this is the George Foreman grill. He started promoting a product that was well made and appealing to a wide span of consumers. He had the foresight to back a product that appealed to the health conscious as well as the average person. When he started promoting the George Foreman grill through info-mercials his audience was limited to those that could not get a good night sleep so they were watching television at the time the commercial ran on late night TV. He appealed to the people that recognized his name and fame from his boxing career. The product was good and that purchased it were excited enough to spread the word so the George Foreman grill became available in general retail stores. He and his agent were able to see the popularity of the product and made the decision to stick with the manufacturer and branch into several sizes of the product and to expand into griddles and cookware. His friendly face and positive image were something that people trusted in making purchases for the home appliances.

The George Foreman grill is now in most homes. At holiday time people give the grill as a gift and it is also a popular wedding present. The well-made grill performs as advertised and produces health, tasty meat. As a result people are eating meats that are prepared in a healthier manner and feeling better about their choices. These good feelings are related to the spoke's person of the product and keep the consumer opened to purchasing other things that he may promote. He and his agent have made smart decisions to allow him to keep making a living off of his name recognition. He has been promoting the George Foreman grill long enough that some people have forgotten that he was a boxer. They associate him with low-fat cooking rather than heavy weight boxing.

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