Breakdown Of Social Marketing - By: Dakota Lindal

People are sociable creatures since civilization so we all live in some society. You can find very few people who lead there life in solitude. And hence knowingly or unknowingly somehow every one of us uses some social rules too. Thus society plays a huge role in our day to day life. On the other hand we can redefine society as a group having some factors in common. For instance if you are a member of a club you have an access to the exclusive society formed with the club members. If marketing is done among such societies it is possible to call it social marketing.

In general social marketing is regarded as the marketing method to cater to specific goals with regard to social welfare. For instance you can look at an anti tobacco campaign in your club. This campaign is perfect for social good and therefore when you market this campaign; it can be touted as social marketing. Should you compare social and commercial marketing, the first kind posseses an aim for social welfare whereas the second has an aim for financial profit. You are able to segregate social marketing into two heads. While one side will cope with the society and social sciences while the other follows the marketing strategies. NGOs along with other social welfare organizations widely apply these two marketing strategies. For instance, the chain mails sent to the employees of an organization for social welfare is really a part of social marketing too.

This whole idea of social marketing was used by NGOs and other organizations for as long as people have considered working for social causes, what is new is the name social marketing. You can say that this media has changed too, in the sense that the Internet was put into the already existing media of the television, radio and the newspaper. And also the Internet has only helped in creating consciousness among people for different kinds of causes. For instance there are plenty of causes being promoted on the social networking sites like orkut and facebook. These are the basic faces of social networking through the Internet.

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