Which Computer Accessories Is Ideal For Digital Photography? - By: Tabitha W Mwendo

Digital Photography Tutorial - You have your Personal computer (PC) and digital camera. Now let us see if there are any PC accessories that will help improve your productivity and make digital work even easier. Your Personal computer (PC) will come with a standard mouse and keyboard enabling you to input instructions and activate some of your system's many feature. But there are other devices available that can help make the imaging process even simpler.

Graphics Pads

Using your mouse to carry out image editing tasks is okay, but a graphics pad makes things even easier and more precise. You use a digital pen to 'draw' you changes onto the screen. Working this way is more intuitive and ideal for fine adjustments and intricate image editing work. A mouse is also supplied, as an alternative to pen, for less precise, general use.

Memory Card Reader

A memory card reader is a small device that usually plugs into the computer's USB port and accepts memory cards. This avoids connecting the camera directly to the PC, therefore speeding up image download to the PC and saving the battery power on your digital camera. Memory card readers range from those which accept only one memory card to those which allow multiple formats to be used.

External Hard Drives

External hard drives (or 'discs') are an ideal way to extend the storage capacity of your PC. With capacities from 20GB to over 500GB such drives mean you don't need to clutter up your PC's precious hard drive with tons of images and other digital data such as MP3 music files or your digital camera movies. Buy the largest capacity drive you can afford, you'll be amazed how quickly they fill up.

Pen or USB Drive.

Pens drives, which have either built-in memory or accept memory cards (as in the Olympus model shown below),are another useful accessory. These are great for quickly swapping data (they save burning a CD for example) and for transferring images from your camera's memory card to your computer, be it laptop as shown here or a desktop PC.

External CD/DVD Burner

If you have an older system that does not have a built in CD/DVD burner then this item is invaluable. A DVD burner is recommended as it will burn CD's as standard. It enables you to store files, such as slide shows with music and special effects, which you can then transfer to DVD player and watch on your own TV. Storing files on to CD/DVD also offers way to back-up huge volumes of image data without using up space on your PC's hard disc. Burners are not too expensive either.

Portable CD Burner

A portable CD burner is a useful accessory. They're great for burning images from a memory card when out and about, freeing up space, and can be used as a 'normal' CD burner when back at home or the office. Battery or mains powered, they are a very versatile tool.

Now to conclude, a personal computer (PC) ideal for digital photography can be thought of as a digital darkroom. What used to be done in an actual 'dark room' full of noxious fumes and poisonous chemicals can now be done in daylight, sipping coffee, listening to music and with relative ease.

Anybody keen on getting hands-on with their pictures, particularly when it comes to playing around with printing, creating enlargements or making slide shows with music and special effects, will need a computer and effecitve PC accessories.

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