SEO Articles-What You Need to Know - By: Rob Selaney

Practically anyone with the proper skills can write an excellent article but to make that article ideal for use online takes a different set of skills. Now it is necessary to write for the search engines in addition to writing for your readers. Failing to get ranked for your targeted keywords means that your article won't get the important free traffic that search engines generally provide. Because you want more than just to have your articles posted online - you want them read too - it's very important to learn the basics of search engine optimization.

Explore Various Keyword Phrases: Find a nice list of about 30 good keyword phrases and rotate them throughout many different articles. After you've come up with an entertaining and informative idea for an article try to find a way to include the keyword phrase in the title. You're not going to be able to understand the science behind search engine optimization until you play around with it a little on your own. Not only will you make mistakes along the way but you'll learn a lot from those mistakes and the results of those mistakes where you should focus your efforts for keyword placement.

Have a Natural Flow in Your Resource Box: When you are producing your article and putting your keywords in resource box, ensure that they flow naturally. It should not appear that you have put keywords into your resource box just for the sake of their being there. Your readers should be able to associate the connection of your article and resource box. This means that it has to be there in the proper manner. Do not forget that the resource box for your article is the central aspect. This is because that's where you'll be convincing your readers to take action and visit your site or blog.

Do Not Misspell Keywords on Purpose: There is a trend that a lot of articles have started doing and this is to spell words incorrectly in the article just to get ranked for it. Contrary to belief, when you use a misspelled keyword, you will not get a lot of traffic on your website.

Besides that, it compromises on the overall quality of the article and makes it look unprofessional. Who would want to read an article that has any kind of spelling errors? You know what you were attempting to accomplish, but the reader does not. So they will just turn away from your order and search for the keyword spelled the right way. To conclude, if you really want your articles to send you traffic you need to find a way to optimize them for the search engines. Once you get a good position in the major search engines like Google, you'll be able to expand your reach and target many more keywords that will bring you additional traffic through a number of your articles. So the secret of successfully optimizing your articles is to focus on the key elements and make your articles stand out from the rest by creating them not only for the readers, but also for the search engines.

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