How to Easily Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog whilst Building Your Expert Status - By: Wendy Moore

Commenting on a blog post and sharing information and tips on forums are a great way of establishing yourself and your business as an expert on the internet.

It is also a great way of showing your appreciation to other business owners for sharing their valuable insights on blogs and forums. You can easily share with others by adding your input to the information already shared on that site.

But many business owners forget a very important step when making comments on blogs and forums – you have the opportunity to include a valuable back link to your own site.

What Is a Back Link?

A back link is simply a website link pointing back to your own website.

You can create a link by simply typing in your URL in the space provided on most forums or comment sections on a blog, usually at the end of the existing post.

In forums, however, make sure you read their guidelines first to find out if back linking is allowed. Some sites very strict about forum members using (or not using) links in the signature when they post.

Why Use Back Links?

Back links provide many benefits to you, your business and your website. Obviously, it is a way of promoting your website or blog from other places. If you include a back link in a very well regarded site, particularly those relevant to your own business niche, this will be looked upon favourably by the various search engines, such as Google.

Search engines will index a blog or website regularly where it is well regarded, so any back links posted on that site, particularly where the other site has content relevant to your website or blog will help your own website or blog to rank well.

Should You Swap Links?

There are a number of options available to publishers and business owners when establishing back links to your blog or website.

You can go for the paid option which means you will pay a website owner to create links to your page. So it works similarly to paid advertising.

Another way is to reach an agreement with a business owner in a similar industry as yours to do a link exchange. You put your website link on his or her site while they do the same and you put his or her link on your own blog or website.

A very important factor here, though, is the quality of content on your site or any other site you choose to link to. Make sure that the site you are linking to offers quality content and will be viewed by the search engines as a beneficial connection. Likewise, your site needs to complement or be relevant to the other site you are linking to.

Just linking to any site to get a back link is not advisable. Google ranks websites and blogs on relevance. So if you run a beauty business and have a bunch of links to a car mechanic, there is not a lot of synergy there. But if your beauty business links to like services, such as waxing, hair, makeup services, etc then there is obvious relevance between those businesses and yours.

So remember, when you freely share your expertise and comment on information you read on the internet, don’t forget to add a little bit of promotion in there for you and your business and include a back link.

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