Marketing online for local business - By: John Mahoney

If you are a small business owner, nothing is better than tapping the local internet market.
Advertising for the local internet market through Google Local, Yahoo Local or Yelp can bring you more
customers than advertising for a global market. Though the task may seem a bit daunting at the onset,
you would actually start
seeing soaring profit in a very short interval of time.
Sign in to Google Local Business Center account:
You have to sign up to the Google Local Business Center account to be seen in the Google Seven
Box. These are the seven search results that appear along with the map of the area on the top of the
search page, this will highly optimize your business profile and you will be on the top of local listings.
Keyword with place name:
Use the place name with the main keyword to optimize your visibility. If you are a magician in
Brisbane, then your keyword should be something like ‘magician Brisbane’. This will give you higher
listing on the local search engines.
Use local phone number:
When you are putting your business for listing, don’t put only the toll free number. Put local area
code and even mobile number for contact. This will also make your listing visible to the local web
Put pictures:
If you have picture of you business or product, put them on your website. This will give your
business more visibility and also brings in more traffic. Never put generic file name for the picture.
Use specific file name.
Ask for reviews:
You can have a blog of your business where the people who use/used your product can write some
comment and reviews. This will increase your market value and you will get more business. You
can also have a comment box inserted in the website so that people can give comments on your
Get back links:
If you have back links pointed to your website from reputed sites, then you can easily rank higher on
the local search engines. The incoming links from reputed site will improve your ranking.
Insert contact details:
It is very important that people locate you easily and come to you. One of the best ways to do it is to
insert your contact details and phone number on each web page.
Pay per Click (PPC):
You can also get listed in the local PPC linking. This will help you getting listed in specific
demographic and geographic locations as specified by you. This can also reduce the cost of each
If you follow these simple tips, you are bound to get higher rankings in your local internet market.
This in turn will have a soaring traffic swamp your website and subsequently will lead to a highly
rewarding conversion rate.

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