Tips for Finding the Perfect Guest Blogger - By: Rob Selaney

If you run a blog, you should already know the importance of having fresh content updated regularly on the blog. The more successful blogs are renowned for offering very high quality content regularly. Yet for those running a blog only in their spare time, you might find it's much harder to set aside the time you need to research, write and generate that level of content regularly. Trying to hire someone to keep your blog going can destroy any profits you were making.

Or you could use guest bloggers, who will provide that content for you at no charge in return for you linking to their own blogs. As long as you know what you're looking for, it's easy to find guest bloggers.

Blogs That Share Your Niche: There are certainly some popular blogs in your niche: read some of them and look for people that guest post on them. You'll quickly notice that guest bloggers often get noticed on most of the popular blogs because they are hoping to get some exposure. Make a note of these bloggers and contact them with the offer for yourself. Let them know that you need some guest blog posts and then ask if they might be interested. Depending on how good your blog is, you'll see a lot of good response from the people you get in touch with.

To Edit or Not to Edit?: As your blog is yours alone, you have the option to edit any content a guest blogger sends to you. This might not be needed all the time, but you might sometimes find small errors or omissions that need to be corrected. The last thing you want is your readers having the wrong impression about your blog just because of an unprofessional post. Don't be tempted to edit the entire article's structure or tone, just any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes you find.

Talk About Previous Guest Bloggers: If your blog has had guest bloggers in the past then make sure you mention about them and their work to anyone that is interested in guest blogging for you. Some guest bloggers will want to be seen as among the esteemed guest bloggers you feature, while others will get more of a feel for the type of content you want. Your aim here is to win the trust and confidence of your potential guest bloggers so that you attract the best, and leave out the rest.

In summary, using guest bloggers can be a powerful way to increase your blog's content and keep it maintained. There are lots of guest bloggers willing to enhance their own blog's exposure by writing something on yours, but it's up to you to find the right ones.

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