How to Find a Guest Blogger to Write For Your Blog - By: Rob Selaney

If you're a blogger you should know the value of coming up with original content on a regular basis. Obviously Google and the other important search engines like blogs because they get updated so frequently with fresh and (often) useful content. Of course, writing this kind of content on a regular basis can be really difficult especially if writing is not your thing. Blogs can be leveraged for lots of things, but only if you are able to outshine the competition with your posts. An easy solution for this problem is to introduce 'guest blogging' on your blog, where other bloggers/writers/authors can write targeted posts for your blog as a guest. This is beneficial to both you and the guest blogger; you get the content and he/she gets one way backlinks and lots of exposure. But how exactly do you find guest bloggers for your site?

Don't Hide Your Contact Info - Having a page for your guest bloggers is important but you also need to make it easy for them to contact you. Do not hide your contact page inside of your site or forget to put one up completely. There are many good blogs out there, which contain no way to contact the blogger. Think of this as the same thing as closing the door to guest bloggers who might want to contact you. You need to be sure to include at least a few contact details in your blog's sidebar while also having a "Contact Us" page to get the best results. Be Sure to Give Your Guest Posters a Fantastic Experience. - Don't hold back when it comes to rewarding your guest bloggers for the work they do for you! You need to give full credit for the work they do and, beyond that, you have to do whatever it is that you can to make sure they get as much as possible from their work. You can do this by highlighting their posts prominently on your blog and giving them full-fledged bio boxes that contain the link to their site or blog. If you make your guest bloggers feel good your blog will be the better for it.

Clear Cut Expectations: If you have a call for submissions on your site for guest bloggers, be very clear about what your expectations are. Make sure the guidelines are clearly laid out and there isn't any confusion. You can use this as a way to save time, as all their potential questions will be answered on the page instead of requiring you to answer all those emails individually. So let people know what you're looking for, so they don't end up wasting your time or theirs submitting posts that won't be any good for your needs. In summation, you can tell by reading this article that finding guest bloggers doesn't have to be all that hard. You can simply follow what you've learned here and get started; as you move on, it'll become a lot more easier to find guest bloggers within your niche. Guest blogging can literally change your blog for the better in the long run because guest bloggers usually turn in their best work out of fear of making a bad impression on your readers and you.

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