Ways to Get Guest Bloggers to Add Content to Your Blog - By: Rob Selaney

If you maintain a blog, you'll already understand how important updating your content frequently can be. The more successful blogs are renowned for offering very high quality content regularly. However, if you're only running a blog in your spare time around other commitments, you might find that it's not easy to research and write high quality posts when you need them most. It can get expensive hiring someone to manage your blog for you.

Or you could use guest bloggers, who will provide that content for you at no charge in return for you linking to their own blogs. It's easy to find guest bloggers to do this for you as long as you know what you want.

Blogs That Share Your Niche: There must be popular blogs within your niche; browse around these blogs and look for any people that are guest blogging on them. You'll quickly notice that guest bloggers often get noticed on most of the popular blogs because they are hoping to get some exposure. List these bloggers and then contact them with your offer. Be honest and tell them that you're hoping to line up some guest posts and ask them if they'd be interested. If your blog is of high quality you should get a good response to your inquiry.

To Edit or Not to Edit?: As your blog is yours alone, you have the option to edit any content a guest blogger sends to you. You may not always require this option, but there will be times when small changes or corrections could become necessary. Your readers may form negative impressions about your blog if you allow unedited posts to be published. Don't be tempted to edit the entire article's structure or tone, just any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes you find.

Show Off Guest Bloggers From the Past: If you've had guest bloggers contribute to your blog already, show off a list of their names and blogs or sites to others interested in guest blogging for you. This can be a great way to entice other guest bloggers into wanting to join those ranks and they'll know what kind of style you prefer. This is a great way to increase the level of trust in those bloggers who weren't sure whether they should blog for you or not.

In summary, using guest bloggers can be a powerful way to increase your blog's content and keep it maintained. There are lots of guest bloggers willing to enhance their own blog's exposure by writing something on yours, but it's up to you to find the right ones.

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