Discover How Easy it is to Find the Right Guest Blogger - By: Bobby Brewster

If you're a blogger you should know the value of coming up with original content on a regular basis. There's no doubt that Google and the other major search engines love blogs since they are updated frequently with fresh and useful content. Of course, writing this kind of content on a regular basis can be really difficult especially if writing is not your thing. You can use blogging for lots of things but only if you are able to stand out from the rest of the bloggers with the quality of your posts. There is one easy solution for this problem: introduce guest bloggers to your site--writers, bloggers and authors who can write a targeted post as a guest on your blog. This is beneficial to both you and the guest blogger; you get the content and he/she gets one way backlinks and lots of exposure. But where and how do you exactly find guest bloggers?

Make Contact Easy For Them - It's good to have a dedicated page for guest bloggers but no matter what, it needs to be easy to contact you. Do not hide your contact page somewhere inside of the blog or try to avoid it totally. There are plenty of awesome blogs out there that do not contain a way to contact the blog owner. This is sort of like closing the door for great guest bloggers who might want to make contact with you. If you want really great results you should have a "Contact Us" page on your site and some details in the sidebar of your blog.

Ask Previous Guest Bloggers to Contribute Again: If a former guest poster has done a good job for writing for you, why not ask those guest posters to help you out again? It is important to create and maintain good relationships with guest bloggers because they can often be the key to helping you fill your blog with quality content on a reliable basis. Make a list of all of the bloggers who have offered guest posts to you so that you can notify them when you are in need of content. Having a pool of guest bloggers who trust you already is a good thing even if they aren't all willing to write for you all of the time. In addition to that, those guest posters will be familiar with your guidelines already so you will save some time.

Run a Contest: By holding contests, you can get an amazing response and targeted input - there is some charm in giving away stuff and it still works great. Running a contest on your blog will help to motivate lots of guest posters to take action and write for you. Your contest doesn't have to give away anything super extraordinary, as long as you are offering something of value, they will want to take part and they will hope to win. In conclusion, from the above article we can clearly come to understand how finding guest bloggers doesn't necessarily have to be difficult. You can simply follow what you've learned here and get started; as you move on, it'll become a lot more easier to find guest bloggers within your niche. Guest blogging can often change a blog for the better because the type of content you get from guest bloggers is usually of top quality because they are usually afraid to submit something bad and make a bad impression.

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