Effective Ways to Get Backlinks From Other Blogs - By: Rob Selaney

If you are a blogger who wants to have more blog exposure, then you understand how essential referral traffic can be. Interacting with other bloggers in your niche and sharing content can help you obtain referred traffic from other blogs. For example, a blogger may like to read you submissions and then forward them on to his readers. This will bring in an extra surge of traffic coming your way. However it is not mandatory that you just sit around and wait for things to occur. This is because as a blogger, you should be consistently promoting your blog. This is why requesting links from other bloggers can turn out to be a good thing. This is advantageous in terms of acquiring visitors that have been referred to producing links for SEO practices.

Most importantly, remember that you may not be the only blog that shares the latest news with the blog you are trying to get links from. A majority of the leading bloggers usually get the same story from many different places. So, instead of trying to be the first one, attempt to do something totally out of the ordinary. The more work you put in to being different, the more responses you will get. But sometimes, no matter what is done, you still will not be the first person to give each blogger the most updated information. So, just move on. It's not a big deal.

The second point to keep in mind is to write brief emails. Most of the bloggers are busy people that don't have time to wade through long emails; just stick to the main point and don't drag it. Anything further you may want to add can be postponed until you've gotten a reply from your initial email. At first, however, it's important to stick to your primary reason for contacting them, which is to hopefully receive a backlink.

Last but not the least; you'll learn from experience and get better at asking links from other bloggers. You'll find out which bloggers in your niche respond back when you notify them about your link. You will also discover what type of links get the most replies from other participants of your niche. So ensure that you learn at every step and make your methods better. If you see that a certain blogger is not replying or wants to link to you, then you should stop sending them link requests. You might be upsetting them and they just do not want to accept your link. So if anybody asks you to stop sending them links, then do it.

All in all, creating a blog is easy, even making up the content part is not that complex. But, when it comes to promotions, you must do everything necessary to get as many blog links out as you can and at the right time.

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