What's in your Pet's food? - By: Pet Nanny

You've probably heard the scary truth of feathers and beaks and other "stuff" commonly found in pet foods. Whatever the reasons, hopefully you will get out the ingredient list of what you are now feeding your pets and compare these notes. Many pet foods today use ingredients and supplements, such as by-products, artificial flavors and fillers, which those pets with sensitive systems may not be able to tolerate.

Pet food should contain:
NO Steroids
NO ByProducts
NO Colors or Flavors
NO Corn, Wheat, or Soy
NO Chemical Preservatives

So why shouldn't our pets eat a healthy diet too? Dogs and cats have the potential to live into their 20's when feeding on only fresh, natural, wholesome

Pet health is dependent on the pet owner's desire to have a healthy pet and is directly proportional to diet and nutrition. Pets require many different nutrients in their diets, often in very specific amounts. Natural pet food can help provide additional nutritional support that your pet may require for a number of different reasons.

Natural Pet Food is actually less expensive, and pets can live longer, healthier lives with the proper nutrition. Throwing out the commercial pet food and replacing it with natural pet food is the first step to optimizing your pet's health. The best part about giving your pet natural pet food is that there will not be any chemicals, or other artificial ingredients that they will be consuming that can harm them.

Today there are a wide variety of natural healthy pet food products to choose from and there's been a significant increase in the market share of natural and
holistic pet food. Why would you feed your pet less than human quality ingredients?

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