How to Build Your Own Rock Star Virtual Team - By: Rob Selaney

There are many online businesses who have had tremendous success by employing the concept of a virtual team in their business. Having your virtual team working for you remotely can really increase the possibility of finding greater success with your business. Don't fall in the trap of thinking you cannot gain from this merely because you have never done it, or your revenues do not warrant doing it.

You are in a better position to start working with your team if your business is in the nascent stage.

First and foremost, you should try and get all of your team members actively involved in conference calls. This way you will ensure that everyone on your team is clear and up-to-date in regards to what needs to be done and it will also help them stay focused on the job at hand. The frequency of these conference calls shouldn't be too high as daily or weekly will prove to be more than enough. It's really important to ensure your team is aware of what's going on and so is asking for their views, which is why you simply shouldn't ignore them completely.

You need to employ modern technology to help you manage your virtual team. There are various applications, such as GoToMeeting, which are designed to help you conduct meetings online, as well as various discussions, brainstorming sessions and more. Another of these applications is Skype which you can use to share ideas in conference calls with all your team members. You will be able to constantly communicate with your team, with no limitations, if you leverage this technology properly. You need to diversify your communication channels beyond virtual solutions and the phone is still one of the best communication solutions possible.

Last but not least, to avoid misunderstandings you need to make sure that you are transparent and crystal clear when you communicate with your team. Since the team will be working virtually, it's your job to maintain a clear communication and let all the members know of any changes that are happening in the company. You should also consider involving them in the decision-making process as this will give them an added sense of responsibility. Let's presume that you are getting ready to launch a new product and are thinking about giving it a name, this is the perfect opportunity to ask the advice of your team and get suggestions from them. If you want things to be easier in the long run, then you need to communicate with them as much as possible.

Create and develop your virtual team using the best principles, and you will see good things happen. Look at your virtual team as an investment, and when you increase its value you will benefit from it.

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