Insider Secrets to Making a Blog Sticky - By: Janise Majette

Blogs are all over the place; if you look you can find blogs for every topic under the sun. Not every blog will make an impact on those who stop by. Most blogs can't convince drive by traffic to return and stick around for a while. The real reason that so many blogs fail at this is that they do not focus upon building a good foundation for their visitors so that they can turn into loyal readers. Building a blog isn't that hard but it is hard to raise the stick rate for that same blog so that will require some work. So many blog authors abandon amazing blogs because they are disappointed in their readership levels. So, if you don't want your blog to end up that way, you should make sure your blog's as sticky as it can get.

Try to remember that people are coming to your blog because they want to find someone to connect with on a specific topic. Make sure that everything you do on your blog feels personal from the content that you create to the way you interact with the people who read you. It takes real work to build a "personal brand" and don't expect it to happen quickly. If your blog's readers feel like they are really connecting with you they are more likely to value what you have to say and trust what you want to offer them. This makes your blog stickier and you'll have more repeat visitors. Make sure you educate your readers about their subscription options that they might not know about. Even though RSS is a very popular way to subscribe to a blog website, some people have yet to hear about it. This means that you need to tell them how RSS works and how they can use the RSS "readers" out there to subscribe to your blog for updates. The more you educate your readers about the subscription option on your blog, the higher will be the chance that they subscribe to your blog. One way to do this is to write a post or a page about what RSS actually is and how it works. Just be creative and you will see lots of different options for things to try when you need to educate your readers.

Readers often visit your "About Me" page to find out more about you. They want to know who is making the blog and what their ambitions, hobbies, etc may be. Building a good "About Me" page is quite important if you really want to increase your subscription and stick levels. Don't make this page too lengthy or extensive; you just want to give your readers a fair idea as to who you are and what you do. While the content is the best place to show off your offerings and value, the "About Me" page is still an opportunity to get people to read you so don't ignore the opportunity. All in all, this is just as important as your content creation. If you have a lot of regular readers visiting your blog, you won't have to do a lot to find new sources of traffic. The readers you have already will like what you have and spread the word for you. So your primary focus should be on building a good blog that is sticky so that everything else can just fall into place.

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