Design- A Visual Communication - By: Lacey Moore

Design is an abstract concept and its definition varies with context. In simple words design can be called a plan used to construct something. Taking at a higher level design may also include aspects of ornamentation of the object. Designing involves creativity as well as logic. A good design is a sustainable design. It should have a logical backing. Though symmetry means a lot to designers, the post modernist designers believe there is a design in asymmetry as well. The notions of design vary from person to person. As they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so does each one of us defines beauty and aesthetics in his or her own terms and judge the design of any object accordingly.
So what do people design? The answer is everything. Right from your favourite coffee mug to the office building you work in. Ideas need a concrete shape if they want to turn to reality. Designs are conceived in mind and then worked upon .

Web designing is that aspect of designing which is involved in making the content which can be hypertext or hypermedia. This content needs a proper form before it goes to the end user through the world wide web. Since it is important to convey the message in right manner the designing aspect of any website is of immense importance. Therefore it needs a special skill while designing a website owing to its technical nature. There are many web designers based in different parts of the world working in this field. In fact this is one of the most sought after profession in the world. Sites which have words such as web design fort lauderdale or web design Florida highlighted in their introductory lines are often based in the same place but since its world wide web people can work from any part of the world. The office though needs a physical location and a proper address for any commercial transaction.

Looking from a wider perspective design is indeed element of our life. Look at the flower which has blossomed in your garden. Nature is an expert of design and symmetry in itself. The art of designing is not an easy one. Only people who have a creative bent of mind can be good designers. Some people take designing as their profession and that is how we have fashion designers,jewelery designers,accessory designers and interior designers. For some designing is just a passion which they continue to practice for their personal satisfaction. A doctor can be a good designer too. Designing is something which can not be taught. However if talented one does need a master or a senior to guide or her to channelize his or her creativity in a proper direction.

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