MLM Marketing System - Winning Or Winging It? - By: Jodi Ouellette

Does it seem like you are simply flying by the seat of your pants in your mlm business? Perhaps like so many others, you were simply directed to some tools and told to run with it, instead of being given a real roadmap or a defined mlm marketing system to follow.

Now I am not saying you should have a one stop shop mlm marketing system for your team, where everyone uses the exact same strategies, but, do you at the very least have some sort of systematic approach that people follow for both product sales and team building?

Lacking in money and sufficient lead flow is the primary reason individuals fail with mlm. Another reason I have witnessed people fail, is they lack direction. It is much easier to accomplish any task, if you know exactly what you are suppose to do. Compare this to starting a new job, typically you are trained and taught your specific role. After the initial training process most employees know exactly what they are suppose to do each day. So why does it seem so many people fall short when it comes to operating a home business?

We can't overlook the fact that the majority of newcomers to mlm are also new to business, which means they are accustomed to thinking like employees. They need to be told what to do. Being self employed is a total shift in thinking and habits, that doesn't come easily for many. Since the average person has spent most of their career working for someone else, wouldn't it ease the transition if we treat it like job training initially?

What is a MLM Marketing System?

In basic terms, a system is a sequence of processes . A mlm marketing system is merely a recipe or a to do list to follow. Every business should have a system or process to follow for product sales, and a system for team building.

The initial step with any mlm marketing system is to promote, advertise and expose, because you must have people to talk to. Each system may have varying steps in the process correlating to the different types of products, services, or tools offered. For instance, if you promote a high ticket item, your process may be lengthened or include more steps for trust and comfort building, and a lower priced product will most likely have less steps. The basic steps in any system must include: advertise, initial contact, presentation, follow up, take order, start training. Depending on the tools available and the depth of the information to learn, it may also include webinars, compensation plan training, product evaluations, third party validations, etc.

No matter how your mlm marketing system flows, it always starts with advertising and ends with either a product sale, or a new partner’s training course. You will do your team members a great service, and simplify their business, by providing a system checklist, defining the specific tasks assigned in sequence. The coaches checklist should also include any specific items to be completed with each step, such as sending certain follow up emails, or what should be included in a training or marketing package. Designing your support system comparable to job training is wise, as we must consider that the majority of our newer team members need that type of direction, initially.

Lastly, before you implement your own mlm marketing system, make sure there isn't already an existing system being used successfully within your company, and furthermore, make sure you use material or a presentation that has been proven to generate results. You will want to structure your steps to align with what is working for the leaders in your company. Don't get frustrated if you can't find what you're looking for in your particular company, because there is plenty of resources and training available for mlm marketing systems.

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