Organizing a final picnic with food and wine hampers - By: Felecity Evans

Almost everyone enjoys having a picnic in the summer months. Nothing beats eating outside with the sun beaming on your skin. Even so, when the weather starts turning from the beautiful hot sunlit days to the slightly duller, wet and breezy days, it does not mean that you can not have a picnic any more. The key is to be ready for the day when it is not raining and the weather seems better. We'll deal with a few of the points listed below so that you will be ready to snatch away those last few days of summer season with a tasty outdoor treat.

Picnic Hampers - Purchasing non perishable picnic hampers is definitely the simplest and quickest means of ensuring your picnic food and drink are ready for when the sun starts to try to break through the cloud! Alternatively you can make your own hampers, however you should make sure that you do not insert any perishable items in the hampers. The planning of the food is the section that takes up a lot of the time. If you do not have the food prepared, as soon as you have done it, the weather may have changed and be raining again!

During the summer time you will generally take your refreshments in a cool bag to keep them cool, it is similar for wintertime, however you are going to be having warm refreshments for example tea, coffee or even hot chocolate in thermos flasks. You may also use the exact same thermos flasks in the summer to help keep cool beverages cold!

Picnic Equipment - Having a picnic towards the end of the year is entirely different to having a picnic in the summer. To begin with, in the summertime you'd normally sit on the ground. The probability is you will not be able to sit on the floor since it is going to be wet. A large water-resistant picnic blanket is going to do the job of keeping you dry while you sit on the floor. The alternative to sitting on a lawn on the waterproof blanket is to purchase a smallish camping kit, consisting of foldable camping chairs and table that collapse for convenient storage inside your car. Not only does this allow you to get up from the wet ground, it also offers a solid surface so that you can put your food and drink on.

Extra Clothing - When you are still snatching the last few days of summer time, it'll still not be as warm as previously in the year so you must make sure that you've got the additional clothing required. Be sure that you have at the very least a light jacket packed, and depending how likely the weather is to change, a set of waterproofs. While these are perfect for the colder picnics, they're something that is handy to be kept in your vehicle all year around as spares, or even for emergencies or if you break down.

You must try and keep everything crammed into picnic hampers so that the moment you see a glimpse of sunlight you can get outdoors and appreciate it, rather than spending the time collecting everything together to discover you had missed the sun.

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