Fantastic Hawaiian Vacations Begin With A Beautiful Maui Vacation Condo - By: Stephen Daniels

There are many reasons why Maui has been designated by travel magazines as the most popular Hawaiian island for vacationers. With a land area of 729 square miles the island may be second in size, but it is first in the hearts of visitors. In fact, many families think of their West Maui condos as a second home from which to makes forays into the enormous variety of activities offered by the best of all islands.

Of course, the miles of beach are some of the main attractions, as they offer expanses of sand in a rainbow of colors from white, gold and green to sparkling black. Young swimmers can find seas as calm as ponds a mere mile from areas that offer 20 foot waves for surfing enthusiasts. Coral reefs abound, making snorkeling and scuba diving an exquisite underwater adventure, and there are many diving boats available for charter trips to the most exciting dive areas. Of course, watching for humpback whales on their annual migration is an absolute must for vacationers who plan the timing of their vacations around that event.

While Maui is divided geographically into three primary regions, each with its own large city, the largest and most popular area continues to be West region surrounding LaHaina where accommodations are both abundant and affordable. While resorts blanket the shores, there are fantastic Maui vacation condos throughout the area that are fabulous homes away from home. Visitors can relax and plan day trips to volcanoes, pineapple plantations, sugar cane acres and other hotspots. From the West end of the island, there are ferries available to take tourists to other islands for a day excursion. Like the hotels, most condo developments offer concierge service to help tourists plan their sightseeing and activities itinerary.

Among its many attractions, LaHaina is home to the largest selection of restaurants on the island, from gourmet to fast food, while also offering a vibrant night life. Tiny storefronts that carry one-of-a-kind artifacts made by native artists are tucked between larger, flashier stores. The Maui Arts and Cultural Center has been very popular with both tourists and residents since it opened in 1994. It features an outdoor amphitheater, two indoor theaters, an art gallery and a capacity to seat 200,000 people at its operas, concerts and performances by the biggest names in show business.

Certainly nobody should visit the Hawaiian Islands without attending a luau at least once, participating in a hula dance, tasting fresh-picked pineapple, gazing at a rainbow or just relaxing under the blue Hawaiian sky. And nothing enhances these experiences as much as returning to one of the many fantastic Maui vacation rentals available on the most popular island in Hawaii.

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