Rotisserie Grilling Helps You Keep One Of Your New Year's Resolution - By: Stephen Daniels

When you think about it, the new year comes at exactly the right time of year. How very thoughtful it was of those Gregorians to put the New Year right after the busy and food-filled holiday season. Meaning, of course, that after we've greedily sampled every yummy morsel that dared show itself in the previous months, we can more convincingly resolve to eat more healthily in the upcoming year. Once we've made that commitment, one of the best ways to increase our health is to reduce the amount of fat and grease we take in during a typical meal. It may surprise you to know that one of the best and simplest ways to achieve this is by rotisserie grilling our food.

Believed to be the oldest method of cooking meat known to man, (and have you seen any overweight cavemen lately?) rotisserie grilling consists of a heat source (your grill), a spit (what you put the meat on to be grilled), and a method of rotating the meat over the heat source. Assemblies, which include the components mentioned above, are commonly sold along with other BBQ accessories. Doing a little research can help you find a perfect fit for your grill and your stomach.

Eating better using your BBQ can be easy if you grill healthier foods. Whole chickens and other poultry items such as game hens are great candidates for the rotisserie and are much less fatty than some of the other meats. Veggies, fruit and even fish can be done this way, and can help keep you on track to a healthier year.

Another thing that will help you toe that line is to cut down on the amount of sugary sauces and spices that you adorn your meats with, and just let the natural flavors shine through.

One of the best things about rotisserie grilling is that it is delicious during every month of the year. The flame used for rotisserie grilling, it is important to note, will be cooler than that of a traditional BBQ flame - only to ensure slower, juicier meats and veggies. As long as you grill outdoors in a place with proper ventilation, and where you can keep an eye on the grill, you won't even have to stand out in the cold and turn your meats over every few minutes. Which should leave you plenty of time to make even more New Year's resolutions, if you so desire.

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