Service and Regular Inspections To Keep Your Audi and VW Running Well - By: Stephen Daniels

Audi and Volkswagen owners know when they purchase their car or crossover SUV, they are buying the best of high-quality German engineering, and can reasonably expect their automobile to be running smoothly and remain stylish well beyond 100,000 miles. However, even the best-engineered cars need regular maintenance, which is why both Audi and VW supply a suggested servicing schedule for each vehicle's maintenance. Audi and Volkswagen service can be done either at a dealership or at a specialty foreign car auto repair shop.

Most car maintenance begins with regular oil changes, approximately every 5000 miles in most modern cars. While most car owners are aware of this servicing requirement, fewer know much about how many different types of lubricants and other fluids are in their car. Other than oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windshield washer fluid can all have a significant impact on your vehicle's function and safety on the roads.

For your peace of mind, and for best maintenance of your expensive vehicle, it is recommended that you have an Audi or Volkswagen service shop perform a relatively quick and easy quarterly check on fluid levels in your vehicle, just to ensure that there are no costly surprise emergencies later on.

Besides checking the fluids, your auto repair shop can also do a quick inspection of other important components of your car that you might overlook, such as the tire pressure, (including the spare tire); brake lights, head lights, and tail lights; the condition of belts, hoses and electrical connections. If you are not at all handy, your mechanic can also do small tasks such as adding extra lubricant to a creaky back door hinge or replacing worn out windshield wipers.

Your vehicle may have optional extras that require additional inspections, such as sun roofs or convertible tops. The rubber seals of a sun roof or convertible that keep water out and noise levels down will decay with age, and may need replacing.

Manual transmissions will have different maintenance needs than automatic transmissions, and diesel engines will have different needs than gasoline engines. A quality Audi or Volkswagen service shop will always refer to manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule to make sure you are keeping up with your car's needs.

Your Audi or Volkswagen is likely a large component of your daily life. In order for you to get the most enjoyment and use out of your car, it is best to establish a good working relationship with a qualified auto repair shop and take your vehicle in for routine maintenance and servicing. Preventative maintenance is far less costly than potentially major repairs. Qualified mechanics can help you extend the life of your Audi or Volkswagen and keep it on the road longer.

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