OSHA Has Strict Guidelines for Businesses Renting Portable Toilets for Outdoor Work Sites - By: Stephen Daniels

Outdoor work sites fall under the rules and regulations of multiple agencies, to protect the health and safety of workers. The most common outdoor work sites are either agricultural or are for building and road construction. Projects can range from as short as a few hours to months and even years. OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has been charged with setting guidelines for employers regarding all health and safety issues, including sanitation provisions for outdoor workers. Fortunately, there are portable toilet rental businesses throughout the country that can handle the sanitation needs of any outdoor business project.

OSHA guidelines are pretty minimal and logical, but they are also clearly defined and strictly enforced. Some rules that cannot be overlooked and are not negotiable include:

• The number of facilities required is based on the number of crew members, and must be available to all - equal numbers of separate facilities must be available for men and women.

• Every toilet within an enclosed toilet facility area must have walls and doors high enough to provide privacy.

• The water used for disposal of waste must be separated for potable water for the site.

• Bathroom facilities must be made available at all times that workers are at a work site.

• Washing facilities must be provided, and soap must be available at all times to prevent health problems.

• These facilities must be kept sanitary.

• Adequate supplies of Toilet paper must always be available.

• Proper ventilation is required, as are doors that lock from the inside to protect the privacy of occupants.

• In instances where an onsite portable toilet rental cannot be placed (due to uneven ground or inability of a business to locate the facility on site, a porta-potty must be located within easy vehicular access.

Businesses that rent out portable bathrooms for worksites often carry quite a variety of units to handle any wishes or needs that may arise. Portable bathrooms range from the very familiar blue or brown plastic stand alone "porta-potty" to very luxurious mobile toilet trailers.

The standard portable toilet often has a holding tank and small sink so that running water can provide hand washing stations. However, many job sites will rent standalone wash stations with running water, soap and paper towels, so workers can wash up, even if not using the porta-potty.

The trailers that can be rented can be very basic, but upgrades can run the gamut from inclusion of heating and air conditioning for worksites in climates requiring those extras, to marble or granite countertops, upscale lighting fixtures and even piped in music. The more upscale trailers are more appropriate for a wedding than a job site, but some business owners are recently starting to provide more than the very basic porta-potties for some construction sites. Workers do appreciate the extra amenities whenever they are provided.

In addition to OSHA requirements, some states and local governments have additional rules that must be followed. Companies who need portable sanitation should always get in contact with a rental business. Their sales teams should be knowledgeable about all requirements, and of course will be more than happy to ensure that your business is following all applicable regulations when you utilize their services.

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