Ancient Construction Techniques Still Prevalent In Taos Homes For Sale - By: Stephen Daniels

Adobe bricks have been used to build homes throughout the world for thousands of years and utilized in Taos, New Mexico for centuries. Many of these structures are still standing around the globe. Though most have been updated in terms of sanitation and kitchen facilities, they are just as beautiful as the day they were first occupied. In fact, the style that is achieved using adobe is so attractive, that many Taos homes for sale are using adobe bricks because of their style and versatility.

Adobe (made of sand, soil, straw and water), and other manifestations of this building material, such as "pressed block" and "rammed earth" continues to be popular throughout New Mexico, as well as throughout the country. In fact, the first use actually dates back to about 8000 BC and was used by the earliest man to build shelters as a means of protection from the elements.

Structures dating as early as 1300 BC still stand in Egypt, while earthen structures were built throughout much of Europe in many forms. In fact the Great Wall of China is constructed of earthen materials and parts of it have been standing for 2000 years. While adobe, in its purest form, is found primarily in drier climates due to an inability to stand up to wet weather, variations enable these structures to withstand even the wettest, rainiest climates.

European immigrants brought their building techniques to the United States. In fact, many of the first colonists built earth homes, rather than using logs or wood, when they arrived. Many of these structures are standing in Pennsylvania, New York and South Carolina.

The use of adobe was restricted by building codes in many states after the lumber and brick industries became prevalent. However, restrictions are being lifted as the environmental movement has shown that different forms of earthen materials are actually quite eco-friendly, and offer additional benefits as well. Earthen structures are fire retardant, termite resistant, and inexpensive to produce. They are resilient during earthquakes, sound proof and efficient for both cooling and heating purposes.

The oldest continuously occupied Taos property is The Pueblo, built about 1000 years ago and houses a cluster of adobe buildings. The Pueblo consists of adobe houses, still home to 15 families, and the San Esteban del Rey Mission Church that was built in 1640.

New Taos properties are still being constructed of earthen materials, but include eco friendly features such as passive solar construction which can reduce energy consumption by approximately 60% in hot arid areas such as Taos, New Mexico. Because making adobe bricks is labor intensive, professional home construction can be costly. There are however, many Taos properties known as "homes of love" because they are built brick by brick by the home owners and as such are each unique works of art in a city that is also known as an art colony in the high desert of New Mexico.

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