Fuji Digital Cameras AreThe Easy To Use in The Digital Market Place - By: Richard Charles

With a range of many products to their name Fujifilm Canon is one of the well known names in the manufacture of digital cameras. However, they have not been in the market for a budget priced range until recently to compete with the dominant names known to produce budget ranged digital cameras. With the launching of the FUJIFILM J10 it changes this market scenario with this affordable low priced digital camera.

The FUJI FILM J10 digital camera is a slim and very stylish model that can fit into your pocket or a purse with ease. This 8.2 Megapixels High Sensitivity ISO 800 19.0mm Slim Body xD/SD Compatible Slot digital camera makes it one of the most convenient digital cameras to carry around, because its straightforward design is simple, and easy to handle. The FUJI FILM J10 digital camera comes with a neat metal body, very simple range of controls and a lens that folds flush. It is light weight including battery and memory card and weighs only 124 G which makes it one of the lightest digital cameras in use. It is available in either silver or black with a non corrosive all aluminum body. The FUJI-FILM J10 digital camera's specifications are set at 8.2-megapixel 1/2.5-inch CCD sensor, a 3x zoom f/2.8 - 5.2 lens with a focal length range equivalent to 36 - 112mm, and a 2.5-inch Lcd monitor with a resolution of 154,000 dots. The FUJ-IFILM J10 digital camera rivals pretty well with other known names in design and convenience and are most certainly competitive in their price structure.

Yet, even though it is not something that would want you to get excited about, it matches up to its functionality in value as a low priced digital camera that an amateur can well afford. In regards to functionality even though it does not excel in any particular area, the FUJIFILM J10 digital camera has some excellent built in scene modes. But to access these, may sound a bit complicated as they are buried in the vast menu. Shooting modes are set at Auto, Manual, movie, and Picture Stabilization which is an Anti blur feature. The other modes are SP: natural light, baby, portrait, landscape, sport, night, beach, snow, fireworks, sunset, flower, party, museum and text. Shutter speed depending on exposure is 8 seconds to 1/2000 seconds.

Focus is auto focus center White balance is set at automatic scene recognition and is preset to fine, shade, fluorescent light (daylight), fluorescent light (warm white) fluorescent light (cool white), and incandescent light. Auto flash. Flash modes are auto, red eye reduction, forced flash, suppressed flash and slow synchro. With all these and many more features the FUJIFILM J10 digital camera is a versatile camera for the value.

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