Secure Your Business Copiers Without Up-Front Cash or Signing a Lease - By: Stephen Daniels

If you're a business owner or your job includes responsibility for office equipment, chances are you have faced the question of whether to buy, lease or rent. The challenging economy and constantly changing technology landscape means that with the exception of certain long-life equipment such as furniture, farm equipment, or heavy machinery for other industries, your decision may best be served by either a rental or lease. Because of the ever changing needs of small businesses in particular, printer and copier rental companies are opening around the country and doing very well.

For the business owner, there are many financial advantages to either renting or leasing your printers, copiers or other business office equipment.

* For more expensive equipment, your operating cash is conserved for purchase of inventory, payroll, and general operating expenses.

* It is easier to lease or rent than to get a business loan, especially if your business is a start up without an established credit history.

* If it is important to be using the most up to date technology, rental and leasing businesses usually permit trading up, sometimes with no change in the rental or lease terms.

* Lease and rental costs can be expensed and are usually good tax deductions.

* Rental companies generally include equipment maintenance, repairs, and even delivery and pick-up (for temporary situations) as part of the deal. This means that you should quickly have a replacement on hand, if you should experience technical problems.

The main difference between leasing and renting your business machines is that a lease is usually more long-term and is bound by a contract. Rentals are perfect for a temporary, fluid business environment, for short term needs and for growing businesses that may not be able to accurately anticipate future needs.

There are various scenarios that are tailor-made for rented office equipment. What they all have in common is a need for an immediate, temporary and custom-designed business solution:

* Construction projects that require an "office" on-site for a limited period of time

* Annual conventions or conferences that require staffing and elaborate audio-visual equipment for presentations

* Field training classrooms

* Campaign offices

* Trade Shows

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to office equipment. An analysis of your business needs, cashflow and need for flexibility are all factors to include in your decision making. But it is nice to know that there is a copier rental out there that will fit your needs, and is available with very little advance notice, and for very short term use, when necessary.

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