A Variety Of Mobile Restrooms Are Available For Your Events - By: Stephen Daniels

Mobile restrooms have certainly come of age in the last twenty years. There was a time when the standard porta-potty seemed to be all that was available. But now, luxury restroom trailers can be found at many high-end functions, such as weddings and gala receptions - and there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which style is best for your event.

Portable toilet facilities seem to come in every size and shape and are manufactured to meet any conceivable need. For instance, when a disaster, such as a flood or tornado strikes a neighborhood, one of the first lines of defense in sanitation is facilities for the residents who are left behind to deal with the damage. Fortunately, in the midst of complete turmoil and devastation, businesses with these portable facilities are often able and willing to step in and supply facilities to allow residents a means of maintaining some semblance of stability and cleanliness.

Porta-potties are found everywhere these days. With the resurgence of farmers markets in urban areas, sanitation in the midst of all the produce and food stands is a welcome sight indeed. Having the means to wash up in portable sinks means food handling is perhaps less risky than might otherwise be imagined, and of course is a high priority with event planners.

When planning large activities and events, choosing the right sanitation facility requires consideration of several factors, including:

* The number of guests expected

* How long will the event last?

* Will food and drinks be served?

* How will people be dressed?

* What is the terrain like where the facility is to be located? Is running water and electricity available? Is there another restroom nearby?

*What is the weather forecast? Is heating or cooling needed? Will lighting be necessary if the facility is to be used after dark?

* What are the demographics of the crowd that is anticipated? Men? Women? Children? Is handicapped access a requirement? Are separate facilities required for males and females?

Without a doubt, when an all-day outdoor event is planned, sanitation facilities are a requirement. If a very large crowd is expected, another aspect to consider is whether or not someone is needed to maintain for the duration of the event. Certainly for a more formal gala or wedding, a support person on hand to handle any contingency, plus ensure that there are toilet seat covers, paper towels and other supplies available at all times should be in place.

One last piece to consider before renting, especially for outdoor events, is whether any permits will be required. If there are, in fact, applications to file, then coordination with local officials must take place to ensure the facilities meet all requirements.

As there are many details to consider when facilities such as portable restrooms are required, it is best to call on one of the many expert businesses located around the country, and indeed around the world. Portable restroom trailer companies should be familiar with all state and local codes, and any other details that anyone not familiar with the process will need to consider.

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