Individual Psychotherapy Idea For People Struggling With Severe Stress - By: Stephen Daniels

Psychotherapy is much more than lying on a couch, relating last night's dreams to a doctor; it is a dynamic interaction between an individual and a therapist to address a wide range of issues from career goals, marriage and family life, to stress relief. In dealing with anxiety, individual psychotherapy can help those living with severe cases of constant worry to get to the roots of their stress and learn to recognize triggers before they take over. Everyone faces pressures throughout life, but for some, they can become crippling. A psychotherapist is trained to not only treat a patient's condition and symptoms, but to also identify its root causes.

Individuals deal with many different types of stress throughout their lives, especially into adulthood. Children have to deal with peer pressure as well as scholastic achievement. Sometimes, they are also faced with changes or other challenges in their family life. College-age students feel the pressures of adulthood while having to perform academically. Adults may struggle with finances or employment. Married or partnered couples have to cope with financial issues while maintaining a healthy relationship, raising children, and juggling all of that with careers.

Tough economic times bring on additional anxieties as job security evaporates, and many find themselves carrying work-loads meant for two. When stress triggers start to build, individuals react in different ways; from lashing out at co-workers or loved ones, to distancing oneself from family, or self-medicating with substance abuse. Working with a professional to help you deal with these feelings can be the key to handling every day tensions.

Individual psychotherapy was pioneered by medical doctors and psychologists who realized that being able to talk through one's problems with an un-biased trained professional can be very effective. A psychotherapist's primary goal is to guide an individual into a greater self-realization about how he or she interacts with friends, loved ones, co-workers, and day to day events. A trusting relationship must grow between the individual and their therapist, and when it does, the patient will more openly discuss issues in their life. This helps identify the underlying roots of specific problems. Psychotherapy can be used to deal with acute stress and anxiety, but is also helpful in guiding one toward his or her life goals in a more mindful, conscious way.

Once underlying causes of severe stress are identified, it is important for the affected person to develop effective coping mechanisms and to learn how to better deal with events as they occur. More intense therapy can help one overcome anxieties and fears that often can be traced back to childhood and post-traumatic experiences, as well as address long-term feelings of failure, anger, despair, phobias and other mind-blocks. Through continued help from a psychotherapist, an individual will not only develop effective ways to manage the overwhelming day to day tensions, but will also gain a greater sense of self-worth and self-awareness in the journey of life.

For those dealing with crippling stress, psychotherapy can be paired with common anti-depressant and anxiety medication when necessary. The goals of counseling are to not only address the symptoms of one's emotional issues, but to also address the causes. If you are living with severe stress and are interested in long-term solutions, talk to a psychotherapist to take that first step into a more enjoyable, meaningful life.

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