Year 2011-12 A Complete Cricket Calendar with IPL and Cricket World Cup - By: Manohar Prasad

After the auction of ipl in January, people will catch their nerves for world cup cricket action in February 2011. Just after the world cup cricket tournament, people will be able to watch the action of Indian premier league in the month of April, yet to be scheduled.
As for cricket fan the back to back two mega cricket event would be like a festival gift. But for Indian subcontinent, where cricket is termed as one of the religion, the event is beyond description. They will catch this two back to back mega event with live eyes. As cricket world cup is going to be held in month of February followed by Indian premier league that is being to be scheduled in month of April just after world cup cricket action.
So the cricket festival that is going to be start from February will continue till final of premier league. Really this time Indian subcontinent would watch fair of milestone of cricket for a long time.
The cricket is one of the favorite sports of Indians sports fans. Also this time Indian premier league would have long cricket schedule as compared to last three seasons. Because after coming out successful from every obstacle, Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab and Kochi cricket teams are going to be the part of the league of season four after getting clearance from court intervention. Now there will be 10 teams in this league season.
The cricket mania has engulfed cricket fan. The icc cricket world cup is premier international championship of men’s one day international cricket organized by international cricket council. The Indian subcontinent would be a proud honor of organizing the tournament third time just after England, who organized the tournament four times, which is the highest time that any country has organized world cup cricket in their land.
The Indian subcontinent has organized the cup first in 1987 while second in 1996. It was the Indian subcontinent only that took initiative of organizing the world cup in their land after England. Before that, the first three tournaments were organized by England. For this time the tournament will be co-hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The world cup cricket is the third largest tournament that is being televised in over 200 countries to over 2.2 billion television viewers just after Football world cup and olympic games.
The Indian cricket fans would not miss any chance to catch the event live. The cricket will make crazy to every Indian for a longer duration. The stars of cricket will be close to fans where they are regard as master of the religion cricket. The local fan will support their nation while appreciate players of other teams for their performance.
They all are acquainted that if they miss the world cup this time then have to visit Australia after a gap of four years or wait for t20 world cup 2012 that is going to be held in Sri Lanka. So it is better to be in Indian subcontinent to catch the tournament live.

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