Single Served Coffee Unit Is Made for Everyone - By: Jacabo Jacobs

People all the time asked me if there is a worldwide coffee unit, a coffee unit that is meant for everybody. Actually, there are a number of coffee makers that are meant for one cup of coffee and these are called single serve coffee machines.
Single serve coffee machine is a coffee machine that is very easy to fall in love with. It comes with the ease of instant coffee and the excellence of roast and ground. I know that there would be some coffee snobs out there that would not agree with the excellence of solo serve coffee machine, so let's just say that is a personal view.
So, how effortless is the ease of use for a solo coffee unit? There is no grinding, no dosing or tamping to get the correct coffee pack prior to extraction of your espresso. It is so easy to drink espresso because all you have to do is use a coffee pod, just insert it into the unit then just press a button and let the unit do the rest.
As you can see, it is definitely that easy! The quality is breath-taking and you will never know it unless you experience it. If you like the grinding and hissing sound of an espresso as the steam comes out then a single serve coffee machine is not for you.
However, if you are someone that like to wake up to an aromatic espresso that is brewed on the spot and not drip overnight by some programmable coffee machine, then this is the machine for you!
Then again, which coffee drinker can refuse a freshly brew coffee in the morning and that is the reason why I said that single serve coffee maker is designed for everybody!
It is a fact that there are more people purchasing single cup coffee machines than any other type of coffee unit, even espresso is no competition for this.

If someone ever tells you that it is a closed system then they are just trying to discourage you from buying. Sure, in the past, single serve coffee machines operate in a closed system.One can only purchase coffee that the coffee machine represent. So, for senseo you can only buy douwe egberts, and Melitta, you can only insert Melitta pods. However, that was in the past and things have changed dramatically because manufacturers are now making their products universal.
Most of the manufacturers share partnerships therefore they will allow other brands of coffee pods to be compatible with their products. So you see, there are some brands that allow you to make any type of coffee you want. To be frank single serve coffee makers are very general.

One of the easiest to use would be the Perfect Pod unit. You only need to choose the coffee ground you like, put it into the filter paper they provide then use the perfect pod unit to seal it into a coffee pod.
With devices such as Perfect pod unit, you no longer have to worry about the limited range of coffee blend, and there is no longer any closed system for single serve coffee maker.
So, not only do you get a coffee machine that is easy to use and easy to maintain, your choice of coffee is similar to what you can get for a drip filter coffee unit, isn't that something like a perfect coffee machine?

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