Grand Canyon Rafting Adventures Made Perfect With Boatmen And Swampers As Your Guide - By: Stephen Daniels

Few travels can present the excitement and majesty of white water rafting the Colorado River under the magnificent red rock walls of the Grand Canyon. With both tranquil waters and rolling rapids, the river offers something for everyone seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are looking to enjoy a longer journey but you are hesitant to navigate the more intense whitewater on your own, working with a seasoned guide - also known as a boatman or swamper - provides for a secure, comfortable Grand Canyon rafting experience.

Professional rafting outfitters have a boatman and swamper on each trip to ensure the safety and comfort of their guests. The boatman acts as the captain, making decisions regarding how to travel the water, where to camp and where to pull over for hiking or sightseeing. This person is also the primary contact in case of an emergency. The swamper fills a vital role as well. Swampers act as the boatman's assistants and help navigate the river, ensure the group's safety, and take charge of setting up and taking down the camp and kitchen.

Both boatmen and swampers undergo intensive training in order to secure their positions and have to be re-certified every three years to stay current. These certifications include Wilderness First Responder, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and an Arizona backcountry health certification, as well as taking Swift Water Rescue III Courses. Some boatmen and swampers working for these companies are even certified as an RN or an EMT.

These qualified river runners don't just give tourists a comfortable and safe journey down one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. They also provide expert knowledge on the geology and archaeology of the canyon, the location of the best swimming holes, waterfalls and hiking trails, the types of flora and fauna guests should expect to see, and even Grand Canyon folklore. These high-spirited and fun-loving guides also cook up surprisingly delicious gourmet meals throughout the trip.

When one is choosing a Grand Canyon expeditioner, it's important to become acquainted with how each outfitter qualifies and hires their boatmen and swampers. Most companies that lead tours in the Grand Canyon are very careful in their selection of these key personnel, as almost any visitor will attest.

Having guides on your raft ensures that less-experienced rafters not only stay safe, but also get the most out of their trip along the Colorado. Rafting the Grand Canyon is safe for just about everyone, but paying attention to weather conditions and safety training from your boatman is a necessary part of having a safe trip.

White water rafting tours in the Grand Canyon can be as short as a day or two, and as long as a few weeks depending on the type of raft used, the total distance to be traveled, the number of hours spent on the river and the types of side activities desired.

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