Things Are Really Changing within the Fast Food Business in 2010 - By: Clementine Robertson

Things are extremely changing the fast food business in 2010 are not they? We have McDonald's currently serving high-end occasional drinks, competing with Starbucks on price. We tend to have Burger King currently selling ribs in a box at the high price of $8.ninety nine as if they were to compete with Boston markets. And Carl's Junior restaurants, well they weren't satisfied with last year's Paris Hilton ads, and merely going once the US shopper market, they've headed off to Vietnam, where they plan to open many dozens of stores there.
McDonald's says that their biggest market potential is in China, and they're busy training the Chinese on how to use drive-thrus, as additional and a lot of middle-class Chinese are shopping for their 1st car. Mergers and acquisitions are alive and well conjointly within the fast food industry or Quick Service Restaurant QSR sector. Did you know that Wendy's hamburgers and Arby's are currently in merger talks, a minimum of that's what the Wall Street Journal said in a recent article; "Wendy's/Arby's Cluster in Deal Talks," by Kevin Kingsbury and Paul Ziobro.
Therefore on one hand we have many businesses within the quick food sector readjusting their business models, attacking new markets foreign and abroad, creating deals and mergers, all the middle of a significant price war. One only has to pick up Restaurant News Magazine, or take their on-line newsletter to work out that the trade is scrambling, and doing whatever it will to fight for market share. And the price wars are obtaining rather nasty once again, once all, how many coupons did you get in the mailbox this week? And have you checked the inserts within the native newspaper lately?
One will solely surprise what comes next, however if you are taking a examine Carnegie Mellon's robotics programs, or the robotic labs at MIT, you may note that the majority doubtless in the very close to future you'll be served by a robot in the drive thru. The sole question is will it get your order right - couldn't be much worse, and there will be less pilot error. Why not do that for me, why not go to a couple quick food restaurants in the week, and check them out, and appearance and see what is new, I bet you'll be shocked.
You would possibly say these are solely incremental changes, and that maybe true, but the fast food industry is certainly evolving, and it's not discarding if this country goes back into a double dip recession because the restaurant business, well, those people are as powerful as they come. Indeed, I hope you'll please consider all this.

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