Acting Summer Camps Are Ideal For Your Future Movie Star - By: Stephen Daniels

If your child knows what it means to be a "Gleek," loves to put on shows in your living room or belt out the latest movie theme or show tune, you will be glad to know you can send your future star to an acting camp for kids next summer.

There is an acting camp or music camp for every kid and in most areas of the country, though most are clustered in New York and Los Angeles, reflecting their proximity to the bulk of paying show business gigs. A summer music camp is a good option if your child has outgrown the school choir and has visions of Broadway musicals dancing through his or her head. At an acting summer camp, kids can perfect their stage craft and act with friends who share their passion.

Offering programs for children from their tweens and into their teens, these camps provide a supportive environment for potential Lea Michelles (Glee) or Robert Downeys. Spending a week or two developing their inner divas is a better summer occupation than sleeping late and playing video games. An added benefit is the chance to form lifelong friendships with other performing arts lovers.

The camps' curricula range from beginning acting for young kids to practical introductions to acting for television and movies. Most of them can accommodate kids of all ages, regardless of their experience or aspiration levels. Although some camps do bring in professionals to teach and to share real world experiences with the kids, only a few are designed to be direct stepping stones to work in Hollywood or on Broadway.

While campers build their on-stage and in-life skills and self-esteem, their lessons focus on more than performing. They also learn about costuming, directing, movement, set design, sound effects and music. They may even be able to talk with casting directors and agents about the basics of show business, such as how to find an agent; what makes a good headshot and how to write a resume that sells.

An end-of-session performance usually concludes these camps, showcasing the growth of the campers for family and friends. The intensive days of study, rehearsal and skill building all come to fruition in a brief musical put together by the campers or a play planned, written and performed with the joy of self and group expression.

Whether a summer acting or music camp is intended to open casting doors immediately or just to develop skills and self-confidence, they are an excellent way to get some good material for the ever popular essay assignment - what I did on my summer vacation!

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